May Greeblepix Winner!

I am glad I didn’t have to vote on this month’s finalists – and you all felt the same way – it was a close race again!

But Kim Hosey’s Splashdance picture clearly was a combination of skill and magic of the moment that just personifies what we all strive for in photography.

Congrats Kim! And email me [aimee at greeblemonkey dot com] and we will get your $250 camera rental on it’s way from Pro Photo Rental. Be sure to report back what you rented!

Thanks again to Pro Photo Rental for supporting this contest!


And sidenote, I am still frantically editing photos and writing recaps for our Puerto Rico trip. But if I may, here is a preview of the rainforest photos (my largest set) from the El Yunque day!

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  1. zipper

    Amazing photo. I love watching this contest every month even though I am not a photographer.

  2. zipper

    Oh, and the rainforest pics are surreal!

  3. Dawn

    Congrats Kim…loved your photo!

  4. robin

    Yay! I loved all of the photos, but this was definitely my fave! Congrats, Kim!

  5. Kim Hosey

    Oh; how cool! Thank you, Aimee and everyone who voted!

  6. Anonymous

    Gorgeous. – m

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