Minecraft Birthday Present

It was Bryan’s birthday over the weekend, which in the end, proved to be a little stressful for Dex. See, much like most kids his age, he loves Minecraft. Mostly the building and exploring side of Minecraft versus the blowing stuff up part of Minecraft, which led to some setbacks after he decided to actually make a Minecraft birthday present for his dad.

Here is his first attempt, which he had rigged with TNT to explode for his dad but accidentally set it off way to early (i.e. before his dad saw it). This is what happens when you are not used to mass explosions in your video games. You accidentally blow things up.

There were some tears, but the kid soldiered on. He created a second version with BIGGER words and an island filled with Mooshroom Cows – that are somehow self-replicating? I am clearly clueless about Minecraft. But those cows sure are cute.

And guess what. He had to hide the game really fast when Bryan walked in and thus lost the coordinates. Meaning the cows and this “Happy Birthday Daddy” sign are somewhere in time and space. So if you see these guys below out there in Minecraft Land, you know where they came from.

The kid was pretty frustrated at this point, having spent most of the day working on this. But he went back for one more go, getting back up on the proverbial horse – or pixelated horse on in this case? He created a huge room filled with chests, and in those chests were all sorts of messages and jewels he hid for his dad.

Here was the door into that room.


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  1. Anonymous

    BEST.KID.EVER !!!!

  2. monstergirlee

    I am really impressed w/Dex’s Minecraft abilities. And I totally have seen my boy “lose” his house or something else he’d been working on. Yikes.

    Glad it worked out at the end 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    this is so sweet! – m

  4. Sarah P

    He is the cutest thing ever.

  5. Anonymous

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