Underground Music Showcase 2018 Schedule

Underground Music Showcase (UMS) Schedule on FanPlan

FanPlan is ready for UMS!

Go here for the schedule: fanplan.info/ums/

What Is UMS?

The Underground Music Showcase is Denver’s biggest festival featuring local music. Previously run by the Denver Post, it was acquired by Two Parts this year, the awesome folks behind the Denver Passport Program. UMS runs along South Broadway, from Moe’s BBQ to Illegal Pete’s and everywhere in between. For me, it’s always a joy to discover new bands at UMS – and hang out with old friends.

Scroll down for my recommendations of artists to check out below, bookmark FanPlan for your UMS schedule, and see you this weekend!

UMS - Underground Music Showcase 2018 Schedule

What is FanPlan?

FanPlan is a FREE, fast-loading website (not an app) that works on any smartphone with a web browser. You can easily sort by time, stage, or artist name. See who’s playing right now and “favorite” the gigs you want to see later in the day. We are not joking about fast-loading, btw. We have been able to use FanPlan at UMS in every single venue except the bathroom at Three Kings.  😝

Who Can Use FanPlan?

Everyone! FanPlan is a simple web page in your smartphone’s browser, not an app. There is nothing to download, just tap the link for any festival we are covering and you have the schedule, easy to use and optimized for big thumbs on small screens.

How Can I Use FanPlan at UMS?

Just pull the UMS schedule up on your phone’s browser. The address is fanplan.info/ums if you need to type it in or share with a friend. Click the days to see Friday, Saturday or Sunday’s schedule. Click “Artist, Time or Schedule” to sort that way. You can click Artist, Time or Schedule again to make it toggle up and down. As sets go by during the day, they will tuck under a “Past Events” section, but you can click that open at any time too. (We like to know who we saw in the past!) Each stage at the festival is assigned a different color, so it’s easy to tell at a glance who is playing where.

UMS - Underground Music Showcase 2018 Schedule

How Do I Share FanPlan on Twitter?

We made this so easy! When you click the Twitter icon below any UMS set, a pre-made tweet will pop up into Twitter (you may have to login) with all the handles and hashtags you need for that set. You can edit the text to something different, too – but just click “tweet” and you will be into the official UMS stream in seconds!

UMS - Underground Music Showcase 2018 Schedule

Can I Save Who I Want To See at UMS?

Yes! Log in with your Twitter account and you can click the heart icon to save your favorites. Even better, you can go back after UMS and see who you favorited – in case you want to look a band you discovered at up later. If you don’t want to save your favorites, there is NO login required to use FanPlan. (And we utilize Twitter’s login, so we don’t keep any personal data.)

UMS - Underground Music Showcase 2018 Schedule

Why Did We Start FanPlan?

Several years ago, we were at a music festival and couldn’t get the schedule to load. That evening, we put all the bands and times into a Google spreadsheet and shared it publicly. Thousands of people used that public file and we knew we were on to something. Since then, we obsessively collect data for Colorado’s biggest music festivals in FanPlan.

Who Made FanPlan?

The primary architects behind FanPlan have been Bryan Giese, Aimee Giese and James Shane. We’ve worked together (and/or have been married) for over 15 years and have combined expertise in marketing, programming, design, user experience, web development, program/event management and social media strategy that we bring to this passion project. Please come say hello if you see us at UMS!

Bugfrog and Greeblehaus

Who Should You See at UMS?

As many bands as you can, especially ones you haven’t heard of! One of our favorite things about UMS is discovering new artists.

Having said that, some of our favorite locals playing include: All Chiefs, Altas, Andy Thomas Dust Heart, Anthony Ruptak, Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir, The Burroughs, Cheap Perfume, Chella & The Charm, CITRA, Coastal Wives, Covenhoven, Chloe Tang, Compass & Cavern, CRL CRRLL, Decatur, Dirty Few, Edison, Eldren, Ian Mahan, In/Planes, Instant Empire, Ivory Circle, Izcalli, Kayla Marque, Lady Gang, The Lollygags, Mawule, The Maykit, Mile High Soul Club, The Milk Blossoms, Morning Bear, My Body Sings Electric, Oko Tygra, One Flew West, Other Black, Overslept, Post Paradise, Porlolo, Raven & The Writing Desk, The SIR Band, Slow Caves, The Still Tide, Strange Americans, SYCDYK, The Velveteers, There’s An Ape For That, Too Many Humans, The Trujillo Company, Tyto Alba, Viretta, Water Aerobics, Whiskey Autumn, Whitacre, Wildermiss, Wheelchair Sports Camp.

Last minute tips: Wear sunscreen, drink water and use FanPlan to find who is playing in the moment. Going with the flow at UMS is the best!

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