Moab Day 2

We’re there. The finish line. The last of the vacation updates. When I finally get all the photos edited, I will give you a link to peruse them, if you aren’t totally sick of a bunch of red rocks.

But, we spent our last day of vacation slipping back into Arches Park one more time. We played in the sand for a few hours, packed it up and headed east.We finally got home, sweet home around 9pm.


1,600 miles.

What a great way to spend Spring Break.

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  1. chloebear

    So beautiful! We’ll take a roadtrip with you whenever you want:)

  2. Tree

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your photo essays! They have been wonderful. I miss the southwest and its rugged beauty.

    The last final pic of Declan is really great.

  3. Mayberry

    WOW. I am seriously drooling over those photos. Well, it looks kind of dry so maybe I am panting. Anyway, beautiful.

  4. aimee / greeblemonkey

    LOL Mayberry!

    Thanks y’all!

  5. Lotta

    Stunning photos!

  6. Anonymous

    I love the flower/shadow photos!

  7. TxGambit

    Great, amazing, awesome pics! Love them. Dex is just such a cutie too!

  8. g-man

    Wicked cool the whole lot. Welcome back and all that. One day I’d like to do something like that. Get a Winnebago and cross the country. One day.

  9. Michelle

    Great pics!
    Found your blog and was interested because we’re moving to Denver this summer, but know nothing about the city/area. Thought that since you have kids, you could point me toward good school systems and good areas to live. My husband will work on SE side of town.

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