Treefort - Boise, Idaho

Treefort Music Festival is a Great Way to Discover Boise

Note: My trip was sponsored by Visit Boise. However, all words and images are mine.

I had heard of Treefort Music Festival in recent years because Denver bands have been steadily playing it, and speaking highly of it. I was thrilled when the Boise Visitor’s Bureau asked me to come in, cover the festival and explore what the city had to offer.

Treefort Music Festival - Boise Travel

Boise is a small city nestled in the Idaho mountains, with a ton of charm. Its population is approaching 225,000 – so there is enough hustle and bustle to feel the energy but not so much to be overwhelmed. Especially “during Treefort time,” a phrase I heard many locals say as they met up for drinks before bands started each day.

Treefort Music Festival - Boise Travel

In some ways, the festival starts with a sad story; producer Lori Shandro’s husband died in a plane crash in 2009. She turned to music in her grief and then felt Treefort was a way to give back to the community that had helped her so much. What a gift.

Treefort Music Festival - Boise Travel

Treefort Music Festival - Boise Travel

But Treefort is not just music. They take a page from SXSW’s book and have various “forts” for different interests: alefort, comedyfort, filmfort, foodfort, hackerfort, kidfort, skatefort, storyfort and yogafort. There really is something for everyone. Plus, Treefort is timed right after SXSW in Austin so touring bands can add Boise to their route.

Treefort Music Festival - Boise Travel

Boise was easily walkable, and I got to know my way around really quickly by hitting the wide variety of venues included in Treefort. Basically… it felt to me like they took all the coolest spots in Denver and placed them within a 1 mile radius. Yeah, awesome.

Treefort Music Festival - Boise Travel

Treefort Music Festival - Boise Travel

Treefort Music Festival Venues

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Boise, Idaho - Travel Fun during Treefort Music Festival

I was shocked by the sheer number of local Boise bands, but Treefort includes bands from all over the world – although the primary other cities are Seattle, Portland and Denver – which makes sense. (I gotta admit, it was super fun to see some of my fave local bands in a far away setting!)

Over 450 bands perform at more than two dozen venues, so it was impossible to see them all. But I tried as best I could.

Treefort Music Festival 2017 Concert Photos

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Food and Dining in Boise

In between all this music and beer, of course you have to eat. I found a wide variety of places that catered to every whim. Some of my favorites included the Bittercreek Alehouse (who have a “low power” happy hour every day, with dimmed lights), Wild Root Cafe (get the “Power Bowl” with salmon – trust me on this!), Guru Donuts and The Basque Market.

Treefort Music Festival - Boise Travel

But of course no trip to Idaho would be complete without tons and tons of taters. There were many varieties at Boise Fry Company, but I like my fries straight up with ketchup.

Treefort Music Festival - Boise Travel

Think that Treefort is all there is to do in Boise? Nope.

A visit to their famed Record Exchange is required (especially when there for a music festival)… plus Freak AlleyBoise River Greenbelt, JUMP and of course Idaho’s Capitol Building.

Check out Boise’s visitor’s guide for many more suggestions!

Treefort Music Festival - Boise Travel

Treefort Music Festival - Boise Travel

Treefort Music Festival - Boise Travel

Treefort Music Festival - Boise Travel

For a music lover like me, attending Treefort was a great way to explore Boise. But I can absolutely see my family coming back anytime for a long weekend, because there is so much to do there besides music!

Thank you for the hospitality, Boise!
See you soon!

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