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It’s been a hard couples of weeks, like all aspects of my life being squeezed into a vice and ending up all over my face – but I tell you – one of the things that has kept me going are the funny people on Twitter. I most easily access many of them through the Favstar leaderboard, but so many of you on so many places from the internet are entertaining in so many ways – no wonder we all keep laughing in times of trouble.

Here are some recent funny mindbombs from Twitter I thought I would share. The screen caps link to the author’s Favstar account if you are interested in checking out the rest of their witty, filthy, hilarious brains.

These friends, and more, are also on my “funny” twitter list.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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  1. Mr Lady

    You have the best twitter freinds.

  2. zipper

    I love these posts.

  3. Anonymous

    These rock ! – m

  4. Anonymous

    Love those tweets. They put a smile on my face! Here is a collection of more funny tweets

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