More photos of people you don’t know.

Like I mentioned yesterday, we combined my New Years Resolution Portrait Weekend with Easter yesterday and I took about 600 photos. 600. I chiseled them down to 112 and below are the Top 16. Kinda like American Idol except there is no singing, voting, or cute skinny Indian dudes who can’t sing.

The main point was to get photos of Jeff and Danielle with their kitties, because said kitties are getting up there in age. However, the only one who felt like cooperating was Chloe (the brown one, although you don’t really need to know what color Sasha is because you won’t see her; she would not cooperate even after the promise of cat nip and paté.) I also took tons of pics of Baby Jed because, well, just because he’s so damn cute. And yes, I plan to call him “Baby” Jed until he is 40.

(Click on any photo for the larger version. You may also be able to then click again with your magnifying glass to enlarge further, depending on your browser.)

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  1. Anonymous

    The pictures are awesome.

  2. Sarah

    man, I need you to come here and take photos of US!

  3. nutmeg

    Okay, I feel like a stalker because I’ve enjoyed your beautiful photos so much! I love the Baby Jeb ones best.

  4. aimee e

    I love the close up of Jeb’s finger nails. So cute!!!!!

  5. aimee / greeblemonkey

    thanks all~ (big grins!)

  6. joansy

    Great photos!
    Baby Jed is a great name.

  7. Anonymous

    gorgeous. and what a great way to spend easter!

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