Mr. Quirk

Declan’s latest is that he likes to wash the BOTTOM of his shoes.

MY latest quirk? That I CAN’T STAND Declan washing the bottom of his shoes.

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  1. Don Mills Diva

    Quite the little neatnik isn’t he? I’ve got one at home just like that…

  2. Anonymous

    my kids quirks are too numerous to recount.

  3. Sue at eLuckypacket

    Know how to push our buttons, don’t they?! T’s latest two … THAT DRIVE ME CRAZY! … are: 1) Holding and pulling my ponytail when I’m carrying or lifting him (“Let GO of my HAIR already!”) and 2) Standing on my feet when he’s trying to get as close to me as possible (it’s freakin’ sore, dude!).

  4. Cars Cars Cars

    sweet , lol

  5. Black Hockey Jesus

    I’d be happy he washes a damn thing.

  6. Circus Kelli

    At least he’s not licking the bottom of his shoes…

  7. zipper

    I see some OCD in your future.

  8. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    BHJ – I see your point! BUT IT’S A TOTAL EXERCISE IN FUTILITY!!!

  9. Steph

    Uh that is quite the quirk LOL 🙂

  10. blogapotamus

    Wow! It’s a good thing he doesn’t work on a farm or something. 🙂

    The Prawn’s latest quirk? Turning into Shouty McTantrum if there is any sort of disturbance in her own little space/time continuum.

  11. The Cole Mine

    I am a ‘leave the shoes at the door’ kinda person so I hear ya loud and clear. Ew. At least he has great respect for his belongings. 😉

  12. Amanda

    My oldest (almost 4) has taken to chewing things. So, as if the nasal syringe/nose sucker thing weren’t traumatic enough, try loading the 7 week old with saline and then inserting the bulb only to find the damn thing is riddled with little chew holes.

  13. creative-type dad

    Mine insists on chewing her shoes….

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