Has anyone seen this documentary? It has been sitting in our basement for about a month, because – I am loathe to say – I have turned into one of those people who lets that little red packet just sit there and sit there and sit there for weeks on end because I never find the time to watch it.

But last night we finally sat down to watch Murderball. And we were mesmerized.

These guys are amazing. And fantastic. And mean. And funny. And raunchy. And inspirational.

It’s the story of the United States quadriplegic rugby team (a game coined “Murderball” by the Canadians who invented it back in the 70s), the rivalry with the Canadians and their American coach… and the struggle that all quadriplegics go through.

They talk about their stories, their sex lives and even how they “do more now in a chair than they ever did when they were able-bodied.”

Truly amazing. Go rent it.

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  1. Amber

    Never even heard of it but it reminds me of when I threw a huge party for Pfizer at Utah’s Olympic Park. I didn’t work for them but rather, was an events manager for a destination management company.

    Anyway, we had a hilarious quadriplegic athlete give us a tour around and I really hit it off with him.

    Unfortunately, too well. He later asked me if I had any connections to get him some Viagra. After divulging WAAAAY too much information about his sex life, I made the connection that Pfizer produces the stuff.

    Am still recovering from the trauma…

  2. nobaddays

    Arg! So now I have to go add it to our queue. NOW! You should write those little blurb stickers they put on the envelopes. The ones that are usually so inaccurate — Netflix needs you!

  3. Mrs. Wheezer

    Are they really quadriplegics? I cannot begin to imagine how on earth a quadriplegic could even play this game?

  4. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Apparently that is a huge misconception about quadriplegics. they address that in the movie. You are considered quadriplegic when you have impaired function in all 4 limbs, not necessarily that you cannot move all 4 limbs. So the guys who play this game usually can move their arms. They are apparently ratings by their impairment and no team can have more than a combination of “8” rating of all the players on the floor at any given time.

  5. tmrperry

    Reminds me of Friday Night Lights (the show, not the movie) where the star QB (after suffering a severe injury) joins a quad-rugby team. Those guys are fierce! And if you haven’t seen it yet, FNL is one of the best shows on tv. It’ll be on NBC in the fall.

  6. TxGambit

    Never seen it nor heard of it. Ummm.

    I am one of those that let’s the red envelope just sit and sit. I had the Guardian for over 2 mths. And, the only reason I wanted to watch it was… well Ashton… and one of the ladies I work with is in it. Her daughter is one of the swimmers in it.

  7. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Teri, maybe they got the plotline form the movie! It came out in like 2005 and was a pretty big smash as an indie film.

  8. Oh, The Joys

    I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s in my Netflix queue.


    I did see this movie and thought it was wonderful. I don’t usually enjoy ‘documentary’ style movies, but this is a MUST SEE. Very informative & educational.

  10. samantha Jo Campen

    We saw that movie too and loved it as well.

    It made me feel like the biggest lazy-ass in the world:-)

    We’re big documentary watchers so if you need/want any recommendations, let me know!

  11. Sue at nobaddays

    Finally watched it last night and loved it. LOVED it! That said, I did wonder about the overly edited/almost scripted feel of it — for a documentary. It seemed a bit convenient that when Joe’s heart attack happened, the crew was RIGHT THERE and taking footage in the hospital. That and the fact that they had back footage of the motocross kid’s rehab before meeting Zupan — though perhaps that footage was taken afterwards. Just felt a bit too tight (?) for a documentary. Still, that was my only quibble and we really enjoyed it. Thanks for the tip!

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