My Lucky Rocketship Underpants

I spent a significant portion of my afternoon searching for examples of the Calvin & Hobbes cartoons where Calvin talks about his lucky rocketship underpants and how they make him more prepared and excited for his day. But apparently, there are zero examples of that particular strip on the web anywhere (…there are, however, about 1,657,832 references to the quote “You know, Hobbes, some days even my lucky rocketship underpants don’t help.”) I believe this lack of rocketship imagery to be due to Bill Waterson’s complete maniacal lock-down on licensing of Calvin and Hobbes merchandise (yes, believe it or not, that ubiquitous Calvin peeing on a Ford logo sticker is not officially sanctioned) and thus has put a complete downer on what I was going to write about today. Meaning I actually have no art to accompany my post.

But, no matter. You see, I had a silly little secret. Underneath my big bulky sweater, I was wearing a little baby doll tee. And what was on the front of that baby doll tee, you may ask? A big, glittery, schlocky American Idol logo. The tee shirt was a present from a friend a few years ago and since they don’t make baby doll tees in human sizes, it’s only recently even been able to fit me and I have only ever worn it to bed before. But today… today… I decided to wear it under my sweater like Calvin’s lucky rocketship underpants and take on the day fiercely, dude.

And I did. I giggled my way through two solid hours of budget planning. I smiled sublimely during yet another grant planning meeting. All because I knew I had the coolest t-shirt in the room on under my sweater and no one even knew it.

Oh, and also? American Idol’s new season starts next Tuesday.

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