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Best Denver Concert Photos 2021

I feel incredibly lucky that we got back to concerts in 2021. It was so fun to collect my best concert photos and reflect on this year. While shows were limited and sometimes a bumpy ride – it was vastly better than 2020, when I had almost no shows at all. I was able to get back to every venue I love, but most especially Red Rocks and Levitt Pavilion – being in big open spaces.

I really appreciate everyone in the industry making an effort to bring the joy of music back to our lives. So, while yes, my mask makes photographing just a tad more difficult – I will take it gladly for experiences like below.

Each photo had posts this year in my music section. I also enjoyed doing interviews and covering our Denver local music scene.

Cheers to a (hopefully) wonderful 2022!

My Best Denver Concert Photos 2021

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