My Name is Aimee and I am a Music Groupie.

My college roommate dated a guy in college who turned into much more than just a guy, he is her husband of now almost 20 years. When we were in college, he was the drummer in a rock band, and we went to every show.

He taught me how to paradiddle, although I still do it poorly.

Flash forward to now. I am 41 years old. I have a nearly 9 year old son.

I still love live music.

Luckily, as I have mentioned incessantly, Denver’s scene is rockin’ right now. I could hit a show every night if I wanted. Multiple shows, some days. I often have to remind myself I am a grown-up with responsibilities and can’t do live music ALL the time.

I have been lucky to get to know several bands in Denver, mainly through my friend Monika, which makes it even harder to make myself be a good grown-up, when the bands are not just a band anymore, they become your friends.

Such is the case with Andy, who used to be in Flobots, and now is back with his first love, Bop Skizzum. Skizzum mixes funk, rock, pop and the kitchen sink. Kidding about the kitchen sink, although I bet if I dared Andy to get some kitchen sink sounds in their next album, he would find a way.

I probably look like the biggest, oldest, weirdest groupie chick when I go to all these shows.

But I really don’t care, if I get to take photos like these and listen to awesome music.

What’s the thing do you do that you feel kinda silly about, but do anyway?

What makes you happy and keeps your day sane, like music does for me?

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  1. Megan

    I get lost in knitting. I swear I take it EVERYWHERE. I have to resist doing it in the grocery line.

    GREAT pics!

  2. Meghann

    RLRR LRLL Ahh, I miss drumming! My favorite rudiment was swiss army triplets. . .and yes, I’m letting my band nerd flag fly high.

    For me it’s music too. I was really lucky to be raised by parents that loved a wide range of music and passed that love on to me.

  3. Anonymous

    Gorgeous as always! – m

  4. Heather

    I am almost 38 years old (with a 3 year old son) and I LOVE me some drum corps & Dr. Who.

    Now, Dr. Who is silly but in a standard-geek kind of way that I can talk to other grown ups about.

    Drum corps on the other hand. When I was never good enough to participate, I don’t have a kid doing it, and I’m in a part of the country that doesn’t do much of it … now that is a lonely geek life. Still, put me in a stadium with 200 20-year olds who are playing intricate music at a dead run … oh I am just blissful.

  5. zenrain

    20 years!! Who woulda ever thought that would be happening soon?! And he still plays in a band 😉
    Megan, I’ve been known to knit while waiting at the red light….

  6. Sizzle

    I dance. I’m an overweight, short, clumsy 38 year old woman. And I dance.

  7. Meghann

    Heather-I love drum corps too! I was never in one either, I missed the one I tried out for by one spot, and then after that I was pregnant or had a new baby until I aged out.

    Who do you think is going to win this year?

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