My Television Premiere

I have it! I have it! The video of my appearance on Good Day Colorado from yesterday. Bryan helped me do it and there was no arguing or screaming or hissy fits involved! Not even any breaking into my computer.

Seriously, have I mentioned lately how awesome my husband is? How supportive? The goofball sent this “screen capture” around work minutes after I wrapped up my interview. Damn, I love that guy.

(click image to see large version)

And there are three other people I need to thank. The ladies in my Life Management Team. Teresa, Anne and Christina were making last minute jewelry recommendations via iPhone and text. No kidding, I am not sure I could do anything anymore without consulting those ladies. I literally ripped off the necklace I had on as I was pulling in to the studio parking lot based on their comments.

It was between these two:

See which one I chose…

Other than my weird head bobs and facial expressions, I think it went pretty well.

Well, except the fact that they put the microphone pack on my right hip, the hip front and center with the camera, in turn making my ass looking like the shelf that ate Denver. I mean, I know I am not a skinny girl and I know the camera adds 10 pounds – BUT COME ON. That was a cruel, cruel, cruel thing to do, Mister Sound Guy.

Oh, can I just say one more thing? Ken Clark is seriously the nicest dude. After the interview was over, the entire room scattered. Lights off. Camera gone. I was literally left alone in the Fox news room, all by myself. Had I any presence of mind, I would have hacked into their computers and started sending mass email messages like “Bill O’Reilly is a big fat weenie!” – but I just kind of stood there like a lost kitten wondering how the hell I was going to get out of there. Then Ken Clark poked his head back in from the big news room and asked, “Do you know your way out, Aimee?” Um. That would be NO.

And that, my friends, is how the Good Day Colorado anchorman came to show me the way to my car.

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  1. zipper


  2. Sue at nobaddays

    Famous girl! I couldn’t view the vid embedded on Greeblemonkey but found it on YouTube. You look and sound so cool and relaxed! Always interesting to me to hear the voices of bloggers I read — you sound just as I imagined (and I mean that as a compliment) … other bloggers I’ve heard, not so much 😉

  3. Sarah O.

    Absoultely awesome! Did your (excellent) site get a huge bump in hits?

  4. KTP

    You are SO cute! Well spoken, too. Um, and a great graphic designer and helpful person. Shall I go on?

  5. Angela

    Excellent job! Congrats!

  6. katie

    Aimee, you are awesome and officially my new hero.

  7. Sizzle

    If you and I are ever in the same place at the same time, we might flag down air crafts with our hand gesticulations. I am the same way. 🙂 Congrats on your accomplishment!

  8. TX Poppet

    How cool is that! Well done Aimee!

  9. cryitout

    Wow! Very well done and very good soundbites! (Although you could have signed off with, ‘Stay classy Colorado!”) Seriously, way to go!

  10. tarable

    Nice work lady! Not only do you look and sound fabulous, you make me want to have a kid in Denver. Seriously. Just so my kid can know you and your incredibly smart bilingual kid….

  11. Michelle

    Great Job!!


  12. Lawyer Mama

    That sounds so cool, AImee! But I can’t see the video anymore! Waaaaaaaa! Off to go look on YouTube.

  13. treesflowersbirds

    Good choice on the necklace – that one got my vote too!

    You were great!!

  14. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Aww man, you all are the bestest.

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    And I replaced the original Blogger video with the You Tube video and it seems to be working just fine from here – try refreshing?

    Here is the straight YouTube link too.

  15. zenrain

    You did so great!!!! I knew you would 🙂

  16. Megan

    I love the google homepage. That is hilarious.

    And you did awesome.

  17. Anonymous

    I would have picked that necklace too.

  18. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    SMID, you and a few other TV pros gave me some really great tips! Thanks!

    And OMSH, you make me laugh.

    Thanks again, everyone. Your support rocks.

  19. RookieMom Heather

    You look fantastic. Good job.

  20. Anonymous

    Dear Aimee, the last time I heard your voice you where about 10 yoa. To see you as a young woman, wife & mother makes me so happy to see what a lovely & bright, intelligent person you are !! I just know that your Mom has to be very proud of you.
    Sending you HUGS…. Marion

  21. Sitting Still

    ROCK. STAR. Well done!


  22. jill

    Great job Aimee!

    Jill @

  23. Laurence

    I loved it! Thanks for getting that up so quickly!

  24. Builder Mama

    Wooo hooooooo! Great job, Aimee! (Not to mention it’s nice to finally hear your voice….)

  25. mothergoosemouse

    You are a rock star! I think you looked beautiful, truly.

    So glad you are keeping all of us Denverites in the know!

  26. g-man

    Wicked cool, and you looked fabulous!! That was nice of him.

  27. Mayberry

    You did a beautiful job, you MULTIMEDIA STAR.

  28. merrymishaps

    Woo-hoo — Great job, Aimee!

  29. gwen bell

    Think the shirt looks great on you! Love that color orange w/your hair. Very clearly articulated reasons to visit the site. Bravo!

  30. Bryan

    You look great! I’m making this my screen saver.

    Great job! w00t!

  31. Mary Beth

    Wow you were amazing! If I lived in Denver and had kids, I would so be visiting your site! Wait, neither of those apply and I still visit your site – you are that good.

  32. The Casual Perfectionist

    You did an awesome job and you look great!! (I’ve done live TV before, so I know how nerve wracking it can be! You looked like a pro!)

  33. whoorl

    Awesome, Aimee!

  34. The Cole Mine

    Wow! Awesome job! Very well spoken and you look great. Love the hair AND the necklace. Glad you didn’t have to sleep in the news room. I enjoy your savvy posts as well!

  35. Kary Rivera

    You Rock Aimee! You look and sounded Fab!

  36. Karen

    (Congrats though, and I’m sure you were great…even if I can’t see it!!)

  37. delaneydiariesmama

    Great choice on the necklace! And I thought your head bobs were charming. I’m taking notes on your fabulous performance in case anyone wants to interview me here in San Antonio.


  38. Marley

    I love it! How cool is that????

  39. Alison

    Congrats! That was great!

  40. Neil

    Terrific. You were perfect. I would have thought you had spent years on live TV.

  41. soccer mom in denial

    YOU DID IT! And you did a GREAT job too! Seriously dude – why did he sit perched on a table to your left? At that camera angle if you had made eye contact you would’ve looked so dumb.

    Great necklace, great hair, great shirt (no patterns – terrific choice!) and a great voice! Not too high, not too whiney, as Goldilocks says “JUST RIGHT”.

  42. EatPlayLove

    I wish I caught that live, that would have been a trip just randomly seeing you on the news!

    How exciting and congrats!

  43. OMSH

    If someone said, “Heather, would you like to come on TV?” I’d answer quickly, “NO!”

    If they asked me again, I’d say, “Only if I can wear Aimee’s orange shirt and be escorted by a cute bald guy.”

    I’m just saying…

  44. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Neil, more like years on anti-anxiety meds.


  45. Doodaddy

    So fun to hear your voice! Wahoo!

  46. Isabel Kallman

    great job! congratulations. you look fabulous. Live tv is very very tough and you nailed it.

  47. Woodland Fairy

    You looked nervous, but I think you did a good job. BTW, I thought about you last night when I read in the latest Women’s Health that studies show that couples in Colorado are having more sex than anyone else!

  48. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Ha! My husband would be interested to hear that!

  49. Tree

    Bill O’Reilly *IS* a big, fat weenie. That would have been hysterical.

    You were fantabulous, friend! And I forgot to mention the other day how great your hair looks!

  50. Anonymous

    holy cow – I haven’t heard your voice in sooo long! That was awesome! – C

  51. nutmeg

    Definitely the right necklace! You’re completely adorable.

  52. carrie

    “Aren’t you hungry Aimee?” That cracked me up . . . I don’t know why, maybe ’cause I’m hungry!

    Anyway, you are a rockstar. I loved your neckelace choice and I am so proud of you.

    I would have peed my pants for sure. AND vomited. Yeah, nobody wants to put me on tv.

  53. monstergirlee

    Aimee – tried to post from work today but it wouldn’t go through.
    Anyway – loved it! you were very self-assured and poised and well spoken. Good job!

    (and IMO you chose the right necklace)

  54. Tootsie Farklepants

    Great job!! And great color choice on your blouse!

    I think I totally would have flown to Denver and french kissed you if you fired off those Bill O’Reilly emails. Just sayin.

    ps. my word verification is “zukvicki” I don’t know what it means but I kind of like it.

  55. Karen

    Oh Man!! After gazillions of years I’ve finally got to see you and hear you – you were gorgeous on there Aimee!! Well done!

  56. nathan


    i wasn’t one of the people you wanted to thank?

    ps. “word verification” should be a very loose term when “dcihbuuy” counts as a “word” (this message brought to you by the “quotes” people).

  57. painted maypole

    how cute are you!?!?

    and the site looks great!

  58. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Nathan, clearly I made a HUGE error in leaving you off the Thank List. I am SO sorry.

  59. Mollyfa

    Ok, the way they had you set up sort of ridiculous with him basically sitting behind you. You pulled it off like a pro the way you were working with both him and the camera. Not an easy thing, but you did a great job! Congrats!

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