My Thoughtful Child

Bryan and Dex went to visit Rob and Tina yesterday. All things considered, the pair is doing pretty well – although Rob is still connected to a feeding tube and we have no idea when he can return to work. (For those not sure who I am talking about, Rob is my co-worker with the attack of pancreatitis. You can read about their saga at How Is Rob?)

Declan has always liked them and had a great time visiting them today. So, logic only follows that he would want to write a note for Tina this evening.

The scrambled letters on the card he is holding say the following:
“I love you, Tina. I hope you come to my party.”

(He started to write birthday, but that was too long of a word, according to him.)

Never mind that his birthday isn’t for 3 months yet. I guess he’s just a meticulous planner like his Mamma.

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