I never really had any major nicknames growing up. “Aim” for sure, but that really does not count since it’s lazy. My sister was called “DB” for a while – which I believe stood for “Deformed Butt,” of all things. I told you I grew up surrounded by the bitches from Heathers. Not to mention, I really don’t think my sister actually has a deformed butt… but she is a personal trainer – so maybe she has molded her ass into something more presentable by now.

I did go by “Greenie” for a little while in late high school… mainly because I wore the color green constantly and it was my favorite color. Very sweet. And foreshadowing my political leanings in the future, since at the time, I was a registered Republican… basically because I really did not know what that was. Or who I was for that matter. But alas, Greenie fell to the wayside pretty quickly and never stuck. Thank god for small favors.

The only one I can think of that has actually stuck is for my friend Caroline from college. My boyfriend at the time had a gay brother who dubbed her “Babs” in the most extravagant fashion. Why? “Because she looks like a Babs!” Um, not really… but it stuck. To this day all my friends would have no idea who I was talking about if I said “Caroline,” but BABS is the cool chick who designs kid’s clothes in San Francisco.

Oh, and I just called Bryan and asked him if he had any nicknames as a child. I will leave you with these 3 gems as you go about your day.





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