Oh Jesus.

We had a major screwup at work yesterday. Pretty much the worst we could ever have. Luckily it was early into the project and it’s fixable at this point. And thank god we caught it now rather than later. But pretty much everyone on my team thought I was going to fire them yesterday (they were wrong, but I did kind of think about it for half a second).

All I know is, I am thankful for the meds I am on. A situation like yesterday would have thrown me into a very, very bad place only a month ago. And while it certainly was not fun (I nearly vomited when I found out and then Bryan called me Sad Puppy all day)… I still handled it so much better than usual. I am realizing what life is like without stomach acid dumping every 5 seconds and it’s pretty cool.

I have had 2 night terrors in the month since going medicated, which is a great track record since this is typically my worst time of year. In fact, January is usually the mother of all night terror-ey months. OK, let’s see if I can take this bitch by the horns.

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