Once an English Major, Always an English Major

Here is Marabeth, my roommate in college and one of my bestest friends, during her recent trip to Paris. She was an English major in college, but is now an occupational therapist in Wyoming. Because what else is an English major good for except kissing Oscar Wilde’s tomb?

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  1. zipper


  2. Stacey

    How cute is that???

  3. zenrain

    After I did this I felt the need to go back and re-read everything Oscar Wilde ever wrote! It was the most beautiful tomb in the cemetery…

  4. Laurence

    I’ve been there!

  5. Chantel

    I went to Oscar’s tomb too. I read some of the notes there. I just couldn’t help myself. Some were so touching and sad.

  6. pinks & blues girls

    I want to go to Paris. And not because I want to go to a debutante ball like the girls on The Hills (I just outed myself, didn’t I?) but because *I* want to kiss Oscar Wilde’s tomb! What a fabulous picture.

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  7. Just Janice

    Might be going to Paris next week (if I can convince hubby to take us on his work trip to Ireland). I’ll have to add that to my must see list.

  8. Anonymous

    how fun!

  9. Ashmystir

    Now she needs to go to Baltimore, MD and catch up with Edgar Allan Poe. Hee-hee!


  10. nutmeg

    I kissed Jim Morrison’s tomb and I was an English major too. Obviously an English major on drugs…

  11. Wendy Christensen

    Funny :)!!

  12. Loralee Choate

    I kissed so many things in the UK I can’t even remember. (Not Ewan McGreggor in a kilt, unfortunately)

  13. Heather B.

    Paris is excellent because it is Paris.

    Oscar Wilde is excellent because he has a quote for everything. In fact I just quoted him five minutes ago.

  14. Scott Booker

    Well…This world does need more Occupational therapists (Seriously)….and nothing against your friend…but I think that Oscar Wildes tomb would be happier if she was using a little more tounge!

  15. Mary Beth

    As an English Major (from a long line of English Majors), I can definitely relate. When I went to England, did I spend any time in London? No, I got totally tied up in Stratford and Canterbury (and of course finding the Pooh Sticks bridge).

  16. carrie

    This English Major is most certainly using her degree to it’s fullest potential, right?

    And wow. That’s impressive.

  17. Andie

    that is something I DID NOT get to do when there- because there were time constraints. Next time I’m there… pere lachaise is the first place I want to go.

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