One of Those Moments

I’ve made no secret of what a little punk Declan has been lately. Seriously. When Bryan, the Saint of Patient Fathers, follows you around making psycho knife stabbing motions at your head behind your back, YOU ARE A PUNK KID. At least in 6 year old terms.

But there are little moments that make it all worth it.

Like when your friend Amy emails you and tell you the Colorado Rapids soccer team has a call out for kids in our district to carry the flags in to the stadium, and you hurry your ass and get those tickets, and you trudge over there in the pouring rain, and they warn you that the flag thing may be scrapped because of the weather, but they are taking the kids on a pre-game tour of the stadium anyway, and you watch you little baby walk into that gigantic structure with some dude in a Rapids jackets and 30 other kids, and you wait anxiously for him to resurface, because HELLO what are they doing in the locker room anyway???

And then POOF.

They walk out on the field with these expressions.









Kinda makes me willing to go through all those moments of punkiness, for just one moment like this.

P.S. Full photo set here.

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  1. Tree

    Awesome! I was so jealous when I saw your tweets about it!

  2. caroline

    i just got weepy.

  3. zipper


  4. fruitlady

    That was one fun night! It’s also fun to bring your own personal photographer with you wherever you go! 😉 The kiddos had a blast! Can’t wait for the June game when we all get to sit together!

  5. Kimberly

    He was beaming!! You rock, Momma 🙂

  6. Ashleigh

    So cool!

    Love the pics.

  7. Anonymous

    awww lovely. – m

  8. Kath

    Oh man…that totally made me cry.

    You are such the awesome Mommy!

  9. J at

    Very cool! Looks kinda Eskimo to me. Of course, if it were Eskimo, they’d be tossing someone up on the blanket, right?

    The moment that made it worth it for me today was when my 13 year old daughter layed down with me for a cuddle. An hour later, she was totally humiliated when I walked her in to a local pizza place for a birthday party. Even though no other girls were there yet, it was still hard for her to realize that she indeed does have parents, and that we do in fact show up once in awhile to drop her off for parties and such.

  10. Christy

    Awww….that’s great!

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