One Year Anniversary

I started blogging on this day last year. As much as I hate the cliché, HOLY CRAP TIME FLIES.

It’s been fun using this outlet to document our lives. I make PDF backups of every month of schloobie and hopefully Declan will enjoy reading what a dork his mother and father were at some point when I am ready to let him find out that I use words like shit and fuck.

I have had several people ask me to turn comments on, but I still don’t think I want to. While I really enjoy commenting on other people’s blogs, every blog is different things for different people. For me, this is a place for me to have a techno-diary… a place to write about stuff I am thinking about. I definitely appreciate people emailing me when they have a thought about something, so please feel free to keep doing it (If you have my email address, {insert evil laughter}). But I think I am going to stay maniacally selfish right now and just keep this blog as my voice alone.

As dorky as that voice may be.

Happy Schloobie Day.

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