Only if a building is on fire…

I have never been fond of running. Of course I hated it before my breast reduction, when my boobs would hit me in the face if I even hopped up to kiss Bryan on the cheek. But still today, when at the gym – if I am not wearing the right bra – I am holding myself tight and compact to be comfy as I jump around, jump around! Luckily my gym is small, I am friends with the owners, and they only sigh as I do the circuit with my hands holding the chest flat as a pancake.

So, as I watch my friend Gretchen prepare for her first marathon, I am in awe. And marathons are not just running. I have seen my close pal Tree through several marathons and know it’s both physical and mental prowess.

When *I* run, not only do I have the aforementioned boob problem, ALL I can feel, hear, think is BAM, BAM, BAM… my feet hitting the pavement again and again and again. I just don’t think I have the mental to cover 26 miles trying to force myself into one more BAM.

So, Gretchen, Tree… and all you other runners out there. I salute you.

You rock.

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  1. MPPs Mom

    I salute you too. I have the opposite boob problem, but I still don’t enjoy running any more than you do. It’s all mental for me though I think. christina.

  2. Sizzle

    as a big chested lady, i can concur with the thoughts of this post.

    i admire runners. i will never be one.

  3. Tree

    AW, man, you made me cry! xoxox

  4. TxGambit

    I salute them both all too, especially Tree and G! They rock.

    Boobs and running… oy!

  5. aimee / greeblemonkey

    WTG Merry! That is awesome!

  6. merrymishaps

    I was never an athlete growing up. I especially didn’t like running. I was slow, and they always encouraged speed. I’d feel like I was going to die after a mile.

    Yet I still decided, at 29, that I should probably start exercising since I wasn’t getting any younger! I joined our local running club’s ‘Beginning Runner’ program which gets you from walking to running a 5K gradually.

    Three years later, and I’m a week and a half away from my first marathon. I’m not really sure what happened 🙂

    And ya know, girls, they do make heavy-duty sports bras!

  7. Gretchen

    you are too kind.

    two bras I tell you. two bras.

  8. g-man

    I’m not built for running either, obviously not in the same way, but definitely not built for it. Kudos to the ladies too.

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