Otitis Media

That’s the fancy schmancy doctor term for ear infection.

And not Declan’s ear, but mine. I was looking for another excuse to skip working out this morning and headed to the doctor’s instead. He immediately saw it and immediately gave me some antibiotics. Unlike the last time I got an ear infection, my face has (yet) to swell to Elephant Girl proportions… so that is GOOD NEWS.

Apparently the swelling kind of infection is when it gets past your ear drum (who knew?) and the doc says it’s not there yet – but gave me a script for that kind of infection too – just in case. Good thing, because last time it happened so fast I had no idea what was going on – only that my face was blowing up faster than a balloon. It was especially attractive when it started draining and my ear resembled a puss-like waterfall.

So now you understand why I hurried off to the doc’s this morning.

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