Our Favorites From Denver’s Underground Music Showcase (UMS) 2013

Note: I was provided passes to UMS, but all words, tweets and photos are mine.

Nearly 400 bands rocked out on South Broadway Denver this past weekend and there was no way to see them all. Even when Bryan and divided it up, we missed a bunch of shows we wanted to see. Fear of missing out was in full force. But the bands we did see? Awesome. Diverse. Talented. Amazing.

Here is a selection of our favorites from each day of the UMS. Go to their sites or Facebook linked below and check out the awesomeness for yourselves. I wish I could have seen everyone but I really think my head would have exploded.


Residual Kid

Bonnie & The Beard

FRIDAY —————-

Bop Skizzum (even with blowing a breaker)


Jaden Carlson (featuring members of The Foot)
The Epilogues
Wiredogs (formerly The Hate)

SUNDAY —————-

John Common

What about you?

Where you at #UMS2013?
Who were your faves?
Who are you sad you missed?

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  1. zipper

    Thanks! Will look!

  2. William

    great list!

  3. Karen

    Love finding new music!

  4. Katie

    UMS was fantastic this year! Aside from a major Benadryl-induced meltdown outside of Sputnik on Saturday night, it was my favorite one yet. My best shows were totally a result of my own friend-related bias– New Jazz Order on Friday with my beyond talented friend Venus Cruz, and CODENAME:CARTER on Sunday with my beyond talented ex-husband Marc Hobelman. Both were incredible performances! See them around town if you get a chance.

  5. Everyfann

    Bookmarking to check out these bands, thanks!

  6. Anonymous

    great list, thanks – m

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