Recycle Paint with PaintCare

PaintCare “Use It Up” Recycle Contest for Colorado

I love how things come together fortuitously. Recently, I was chatting with friends in the social media world about all the projects I have been doing – and want to do – around the house. A big one for this fall includes painting my bedroom – the first time it will be done in the 16 years we have owned this house – eeks. And the other was a massive cleanout of our garage that had been filled from floor to ceiling with leftovers of actually living in this space for 16 years. I had been pondering what to do with old paint, and my friends pointed me to PaintCare.

  • PaintCare is the organization that oversees the official paint recycling program in Colorado and eight other states across the U.S.
  • PaintCare’s goal is to teach people in Colorado to “Buy Right” – which means to buy the right amount of paint; to “Use it Up” – which means to find ways to use up leftover paint; and “Recycle the Rest” – to recycle unwanted paint.
  • There are more than 145 sites for Coloradans to recycle their paint.

Awesome! Where have you been all of my life?

But it gets better…

PaintCare “Use It Up” Contest for Leftover Paint

  • PaintCare is holding a Facebook contest called “Use It Up” to encourage Coloradans to use up their leftover paint through projects that use leftover paint in creative ways and to help spread the word about PaintCare in Colorado.
  • To participate, complete a DIY project using up leftover paint, stain or varnish (excludes acrylic paint), take a photo, and submit it to the contest page along with a details of the project.
  • The goal is for people to be resourceful and clever with their project and for it to be clear that the paint that was used was leftover.
  • The contest runs 10/10-10/28.
  • One person will win the grand prize, a $200 Visa gift card and a feature in 5280 Home Magazine. There will be four runners up that also receive prizes of varying amounts.

PaintCare Use It Up Recycle Paint Contest for Colorado

I am all fired up to work on my projects! To use the PaintCare guide to paint my bedroom and avoid leftover paint, as well as get creative with the cans sitting in my mostly-cleaned-out garage. Let’s do this!

I hope you have fun with the contest and be sure to share your results with me as well!

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