The Palm Denver offer brunch and a football bus to Broncos games with complimentary valet!

The Palm Denver Brunch + Bus for Broncos Games (Free Valet!)

OK, yeah, so… 2016 doesn’t seem like the Broncos’ year. But they are rebuilding, right? Not that I even know what I am talking about since I an about as unknowledgeable about sports as they come.

But one thing I *do* know about: BRUNCH! It’s pretty much my favorite thing if you follow our Swarm check-ins.

We were thrilled when The Palm Denver invited us to check out their Broncos brunch recently, and ride the football bus over to the game. Of course, it happened to be the coldest day of the year so far, but we didn’t mind. We’d sampled the Bloody Mary bar and dressed warm – plus the atmosphere on the bus was cozy.

The Palm Denver offers a brunch with complimentary valet while the football bus brings you back and forth to the Broncos game!

Brunch at The Palm Denver with Complimentary Valet

My favorite aspect of the whole thing? We parked at the Westin Hotel downtown (where the Palm resides), and using their complimentary valet service, we were able to leave our car there for the game. The brunch itself is $25 (alcoholic drinks extra), but the football bus is also complimentary… so doing the math here – you save the parking fees at the stadium and have yummy food before the game for about the same price? Awesome!

We had not been to a Broncos game in forever, so one big thing we did learn was the new bag policy. Which is probably not new, it’s just we’re old and, like I mentioned, unknowledgeable. Luckily, Mile High Stadium also has lockers outside so we were able to stash our non-regulation bag and get up to our seats.

When I shared this photo on social media, people were shocked that the snow had not been cleared, but honestly, it made the game all that more fun.

Sure, we lost that game. (And looking at the Broncos current record, a lot more this season. Ouch.)

But afterwards, we met up with the football bus, headed back to The Palm, and warmed up with some post-game drinks.

A perfect day.

(Unless you are a die-hard Broncos fan, that is.)

Last Broncos Home Game of the Season

The Palm is hosting on more Broncos home game day brunch and football bus: January 1st, 2017 versus Oakland. I may be clueless, but I do know we have a big rivalry with the Raiders, so no matter the record, that game will be awesome. Bus seating is limited, so contact Jennefer Weeks at 303-825-7256 or to make a reservation.

Thanks to The Palm Denver for having us… and GO BRONCOS!

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