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I have done similar 5K runs in the past, but I have never done THE (pronounced THEE) Color Run. The big one. With all the color. And I assume running, but you know that is not exactly my thing, so we could probably call it the Color Walk for me. Either way, I am looking forward to getting super bright in Denver on August 2nd with a lot of other people.

Would you like to join us?

Prices go up on July 18th, and I have a $5 off discount code for you. Type (don’t copy and paste) “COLOR5OFF” during your registration and you’ll join us in the free-for-all.

Kaleidoscope Tour Color Run

Also new this year is the Kaleidoscope theme to the tour. There will be prism-ey attractions and photo opps along the race to make it just that more interesting.

You know I am chomping at the bit to photograph the fun, although I can’t imagine how badly my camera will need a cleaning afterwards. Any suggestions from you Color Run pros?

Let me know if you will be there at the Denver race! We can make a caravan of awesome.

Color Run Discount Code

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  1. Amy Evans

    Ohhhh. We will be out of town, but it’s so much fun!

  2. William

    I love Color Run! One of the best things we have ever done.

  3. Lucretia

    Wish I could get that far… I would so love to do the Color Amble/Walk/Run! I’ll wait for your Instagrams!! 🙂

    • Aimee

      Thanks friend! We should meet up for the Color Get A Drink In The Bar.

  4. Amy

    Dave’s running with Garrett & his mom is walking with Gannon. The Bigs and I will be out of town coming back later that day. Sorry to miss hit. I’ve done it the last two years. Super fun!

    • Aimee

      Oh bummer! I was hoping we could hook up and go together!

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