Photographing Weddings

Seeing as I have always done photography on the side, I have always shied away from weddings. They are big, scary and so IMPORTANT. I mean, the first one I ever shot – I MISSED THE KISS.

Oh yes, I did.

Luckily the bride and groom loved all the other photos so much they didn’t care. But I CARED.

But I also rethought HOW I approached weddings and how I talked to the prospective bride and groom when we discussed their photos.

In my case, I know my strengths. I am more of a documentarion. The posed photos? Those, I am decent at. But mostly? I walk around and catch the little moments and expressions and angles.

So, I try to be clear and let everyone know what kinds of photos they will see in the end, so in the end hopefully everyone is happy.

Case in point: Monique + Sean

Monique + Sean
from Aimee Giese on Vimeo.

These are friends who were married last month and I did the portraits as their present. It kind of changed my mind about doing wedding photos in general. Probably because I felt so much more while shooting with my friends close to my heart – but also because their casual elegance fit my style of photography.

Maybe that’s what it’s about. Finding your place, your groove.

A month later, I also shot Jeremy and Sonya’s wedding. We tromped up into the Colorado mountains and they were married as snow gently drifted around us. A Steller’s Jay was our companion, providing a natural “something blue” and an amazing “something unexpected” for their special day.


I *did* get the kiss, but I liked this moment much better.


And this one.


And yes, we were cold in the snow, but I was so honored to be there, to be the right fit, to be observing and capturing the moment for them…


I totally understood what that bluejay felt like.

And what it must feel like to be a professional wedding photographer, and share in that amazing moment in time. To forget the pressure of the kiss, and the photos, and the everything, and just be.

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  1. Anonymous

    Great post and so true! The best wedding photos are when the style match the couple. – m

  2. ZDub

    Those wedding shots are gorgeous. I think you did a great job.

  3. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Is the video loading OK for everyone? It is jagging for me! Ack!

    But thanks for all your kind comments!

  4. gorillabuns

    you are right, it is more about the couple than the kiss.

  5. kristy - where's my damn answer

    Awesome! I LOVE your eye and always have. It’s those small moments that make me smile :D.

  6. Hannah

    Oh man, I STILL shy away from weddings because my first one I was still shooting film. Even though I did test shots during the rehearsals, the lighting was totally different for the ceremony and I was caught off-guard without the right flash equipment. The photos I took weren’t a total loss and the couple said they were pleased, but they never paid me the final payment and it soured me on the whole wedding thing.

    A year ago I had a similar experience to yours, agreeing to shoot a wedding (outdoors – phew) for friends and the end result was wonderful and I really enjoyed myself.

    Last week someone asked me for a quote and I welcomed the opportunity. 🙂

  7. monstergirlee

    You have such a wonderful eye Aimee, I can only think you would have so many beautiful shots to give to the bride and groom. There are different ways to photograph weddings, you have to use the way that works for you or its not going TO work, for anyone.
    The pics you posted are gorgeous, so intimate I almost feel like a voyeur. Yay Aimee – yay to the lucky bridge and groom.

  8. monstergirlee

    btw – the video worked just fine for me.

  9. Michelle McMillan

    You did a great job, the photos seem effortless and natural. Well done.

  10. Becky

    As a soon to be bride myself, I loved this post. You do amazing work.
    I’d ask you to come to Madison but I already have my own Greeblemonkey (good friend doing this as a present for us.)

  11. zipper

    that was incredible!!!

  12. Kim Hosey

    Gosh, these are lovely. You rock at catching moments.

    I’ve done one wedding. I was SO nervous. I did sort of the same thing — I went out of my way with disclaimers, letting them know what kind of shots I did. They still wanted posed ones. In half-lit dark rooms. With everyone lined up horizontally to one another. Argh. Still, I did some of everything and it turned out OK.

    I just love those last few shots, and how cool with the jay!

  13. MommyNamedApril

    oh, that video made me sob. how lovely.

  14. Jessica H

    You did a great job! I totally understand about missing something– the day is so important and it made me, as a photographer, flustered at times too! I think as long as you capture the love and appreciation between the couple, you have done a fantastic job! 🙂

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