Probably the oddest parent teacher conference she ever had.

Well, Declan is going to Kindergarten in the Fall. And his teacher pretty much had to talk us into it.

At first she didn’t even want to have a conference at all, but we demanded it. When we arrived she said, “What’s there to discuss? He is already going to Kindergarten two days a week!”

As we have bragged repeatedly – we know he is smart. But is he ready socially? Physically?

She told us she has seen huge improvement in his social skills over the past year and that he is regularly engaging in play with the other kids rather than sitting in the corner and coloring by himself. I asked about his behavior – since of course all he tells us is how great he was at school all day. She did say he is starting to misbehave a bit, that he is more of a follower in that area than a leader – but that he does get in trouble now and again… and goofs off in class. I think she was shocked (and highly amused) when Bryan and I high-fived each other! But come on now! Declan acting like a little moronic 4 year old? This is all good stuff! I worry sometimes that his childhood is quickly slipping away from him as he quietly doodles on a piece of paper.

But in the end we all agreed it would be a mistake to hold him back, he would be incredibly bored, and that he is ready.

And – what’s the worst that can happen?

(That’s a rhetorical question. Don’t fill me in.)

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  1. Tree

    I can just see you & Bryan high-fiving!

    WTG, Dex!

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