Progress Report

Day 5 of… dum, dum, DUM… Clonazepam Watch.

First few nights I took a 1/2 tab and it didn’t put me under well enough. Sunday night I tried a full tab and felt like I was in a daze all day on Monday. Complete space cadet. So last night I took a 1/2 tab again and slept really well, and even fell asleep at 9pm – which never happens. I still feel a little spacey today though. I know I need to give it a little more time… But hopefully the spaciness will go away?

One cool thing this morning were my blood sugars. Historically, I have had crazy high fasting numbers (maybe because I was scared shitless all night long?). Before I started Lunesta last year, I was regularly at 150-160, when normal is 90. Then, when I was taking the Lunesta – I would regularly hit around 130-140. This morning I was 115!

Stay tuned.

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