Rio is in the hospital…

Last night she was gasping for air, so Bryan brought her to the Animal ER (at our regular vet’s place). Oddly enough the famous vet was there last night so it was quick to get her admitted, and also, they did not charge us since she was already under a doctor’s care for this condition.

Her panting/snoring had not really improved since being on the medication he gave us a few weeks ago, so Bryan was planning on getting her in to see him this week – but last night he got really worried as she was gasping for air and struggling to breathe.

They put Rio on oxygen at the hospital and admitted her, and said he would try to figure out what was going on, and call us in the morning.

It was kind of a weird night, since Bryan left to take her after I took my sleeping pill, so when he called to tell me the scoop, I was in a major daze and then in turn thought the phone was ringing all night. I had to have Bryan clarify what was going on with her this morning since I was in such a fog. Not to mention poor Bryan was the one out in the middle of the night at the hospital.

So both of us are zombies this morning. But I am sure poor Rio had a worse night. I just hope we can figure this out and help her.

Update: They gave her oxygen last night and a sedative to calm her down and she had a decent night. The Vet still is not sure what is going on with her though, and is consulting an internal specialist today. We should know more later. Cross fingers.

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