Rio and I can’t think of an R word for Skiing

First, Rio is doing much better than expected. Proving she is a fighter, she has been really calm, not having trouble breathing and eating like a horse. (The doc said that when she loses any of the 3 A’s, it would be time for her to go – Attitude, Airway and Appetite. She must have paid close attention to him). So, it’s been nice to have her longer than we even hoped for. Thanks to everyone who has been checking in on her.

And lastly, Bryan took Declan skiing again yesterday – and that kid is hooked. They went to A-Basin, which has always been Bryan’s favorite ski resort… And continues to be after he saw their casual bunny slope and free skiing for kids. Declan took about a zillion runs (still between Daddy’s legs), skipped his nap… but still had a total blast. We are going back up on Sunday with Lily & Co – and I am attending as Official Three Year Old Skiing Photographer (since I am not fond of skiing). So, I am sure there will be an onslaught of those photos early next week.

UPDATE: The R words are flying in. Cap suggested “Riding” and Stacie suggested “Recreation.” Both of which are totally DUH, and ones I should have thought of myself. Charlotte just chimed in with “Regional Fun” which I think it pretty creative. Although she says the only reason to live in Denver is to ski – but I disagree! 😉

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