We got the call from the vet today that our dog Rio won’t be with us much longer. If I haven’t told you already, they found a tumor in Rio’s throat last week, and the pathology report came back today… Not good. Definitely a very aggressive melanoma. The vet said it probably will be a matter of weeks.

Oddly enough, he called while we were doing a photo shoot with Rio in front of the Christmas tree. A bit more to remember her by.

Here are the best of the million photos I took (per usual). I wish we had gotten some these shots in time for the holiday card, actually! 🙂 You will notice that Finn the cat wanted nothing to do with any of it! And by the way, the photo of Bryan and I was taken by Declan!

So, we are preparing ourselves for Rio leaving us – but at least she is much more comfortable/happy/relaxed than she was before the surgery. She truly is an amazing dog.

On a more positive note, we are looking forward to Christmas celebrations starting tomorrow. We are having dinner at Jeff and Danielle’s. It is the first year in their new, lovely home, so I am sure it will be extra special. Tim, Rachel and their baby Jed are joining us this year too – so it will also be extra festive!

And then after the excitement of Santa’s arrival…. we plan to be mellow, mellow, mellow in Christmas day… Maybe hit the “Blossoms of Light” at the Botanic Gardens in the evening.

Well, time to sign off… We just wanted to wish all of you and your families a very warm Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

Aimee, Bryan & Declan

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