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My friend Darren and I have a special connection. His wife and my husband went to high school together. They were friends back in the day, and still remain so now – which is pretty rare for my husband, honestly. But what is even cooler is that the four of us have become good friends. And still remain so now.

What I love the most about Darren is that he wasn’t afraid to follow his dream. When we met, he was working a job that he didn’t love to support his family. His wife said, go, do, dream!

And he did.

He started singing, playing and touring with a very influential bluegrass band, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver. We had the opportunity to see them a few years ago at Rockygrass here in Lyons, Colorado – and while you may guess that bluegrass isn’t my *all-time* fave music, I certainly can see the artistry and talent, especially when the fingers get a-flyin’. [Yeah, OK, we were kind of blown away.]

Doyle Lawson (left) and Darren Beachley (right) at Rockygrass 2007.

But Darren is now ready to take it even further. He’s stepping out on his own. With some other really talented dudes.

And who did he call when he needed a logo? MOI. The wife of his wife’s close friend from high school. I was so honored. And think it turned out kind of cool.

This is all totally newly approved, it’s not even on their website yet. So you get THE FIRST PEEK. But be sure to check Darren out in his other various online avenues.

Cause he rocks. In a bluegrassy kind of way.

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  1. fruitlady

    Aimee! That is a GORGEOUS logo! Seriously! I love it! Makes me think we need to have more serious discussions about the Fruitlady gig! And am I really first commenter!!!??? Also will check at your friends music. I like Bluegrass!

  2. zipper

    awesome. and nice that you could do it for a friend.

  3. Darren

    Hey Aimee, Thanks for doing the logo. And there was nobody else we would have thought of for doing it. Sher and I are gonna get back out your way soon. The cool thing now is, I am the boss and I can take her with me whenever I want. We just signed with an agent out of Nashville last Sunday. He flew in just to hear us and was blown away, and signed us on the spot. Be looking for an announcement about it in the near future. Thanks again, Tell Bugfrog and Dfrog we said hello!!!!!

  4. Sizzle

    Sweet job on the logo! It looks awesome.

  5. Anonymous

    how cool! congrats!

  6. Andrew

    that is really cool.

  7. Janey

    I love the logo.

  8. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    thanks so much everyone!!!

  9. Anonymous

    so gorgeous! – m

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