Sad Day

I just wanted to let you all know that Bryan’s father, Carroll, suffered a massive brain hemorrhage last night and passed away early this morning. Bryan is on his way to Maryland right now to be with his family. I came back from a business trip to DC early this morning to be with Declan and hopefully Declan and I will both be able to go back to Maryland next week when the details are settled for the funeral.

Bryan and passed each other at the Denver airport, so we were able to eat lunch, talk and hug before he got on his plane.

I, of course, needed to bail out of my Chicago girl’s weekend and my frineds were sweet enough to cancel the whole thing until we could all go together. That, of course, made me weep for the second time today.

Carroll was in increasing ill health over the years, but this has still come as a shock to the family. But apparently the end was peaceful and he was not in pain. He had a living will that was very clear, so everyone knew and followed his wishes.

Please keep Bryan in your thoughts at this very difficult time. Several of you knew Carroll and I am sure will remember what a big, booming spirit he had, and will miss him as much as I will.

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