Savvy Sassy Moms Redesign

Hellooooo? Have you missed me? I know, probably not. But I promise I have been working really hard on something really cool this past week, and for the past few months actually.

My friend Andrea hired me to redesign her amazing site, Savvy Sassy Moms, and even more amazingly, we are still friends.

We launched over the weekend, and while we learned a lot about legacy plug-ins playing well with each other, both of us are really proud of the end result.

Her old site, while lovely, just didn’t reflect how bright and vibrant Andrea is. So we went after really fresh colors, and reorganized her main sections into Style, Kids, Travel and Tech.

Andrea wanted a more magazine feel for the site, since she has a bunch of great contributors, so we brought those four sections front and center, featuring the latest content from each. But we also added a slider for featured posts, an editor’s corner for Andrea’s posts, and a place for giveaways in the sidebar because they are so popular among her readers.

I have so many great clients right now, I can’t wait to show you more of what I have been up to… but Andrea and I have been working so hard this week, I couldn’t NOT celebrate a little bit.

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  1. Karen

    Love it Aimee! Keep up the great work!

  2. zipper


  3. Everyfann

    Wow, it is beautiful!

  4. Jennifer

    It’s lovely and vibrant and engaging. I like it a bunch!

  5. Sue at nobaddays

    So pretty, bright and alluring! Lovely!

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