Seriously, I am falling in love.

Olbermann is my new hero.

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  1. Sarah

    That rocks.

  2. Anonymous

    the man is on a roll.

  3. laurie

    I love how passionate he is getting.

  4. Ambassador

    Hooweee!! I once thought Chertoff looked like an evil John Waters…and then I realized that was too much of a compliment to him and an insult to Mr. Waters.

    I especially like the venom he has for Ann Coulter. See Ya! (3 Days until HPATDH…Yippee!)

  5. James

    “Good Night, and Good Luck”…stolen.

    Might as well say “Keep It Classy San Diego”

  6. aimee / greeblemonkey

    J – I think it’s more of an homage than stolen, right?

    BP, where in Germany?

  7. James

    Homage, makes sense.

    I mean, that is why I sometimes end my phone calls with “I pity the foul”, to honor Laurence Tureaud.

  8. BP

    Whohoo! I’ve been a fan of Olbermann since his ESPN days, and he just keeps getting better and better. This is fabulous!

    Thanks for your message from before — I just did one semester in Germany (came back to the U.S. around this time last year) and now live full-time in Los Angeles.

    And yes, barrister wigs go for about 2,200 pounds (sorry, don’t know how to type the symbol for British pounds) according to my understanding, which is about $5K in our poor U.S. dollars. 🙂

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