Shake Your Tailfeather

Well, what appeared to be shaping up to be a very quiet weekend, in fact, turned into fun, busy weekend as of 5pm yesterday!

Jenny orchestrated a last minute girl’s night out with me and Tina (one of the other mom’s from Declan’s school) and the 3 of us had dinner/drinks while Cap’n and Lily joined Bryan and Declan at the big fruit at the mall. We had dinner at the Rio Grande in LoDo, where they allow you a limit of 3 margaritas and then they cut you off (cause they are that strong and that yummy). Exactly what I needed after a drama-filled day at work.

Then after dinner, we went to Tryst, which is supposed to be the hip hot spot right now (according the 25 year olds at work who I surveyed before heading out) – but of course no one was there since it was exactly 7:30pm. But that was fine by us, and it was so nice to have some straight-up girl talk.

Somewhere in the middle of that girl-talk, Jenny and I hatched a plan to go to Polly Esther’s (goofy 70’s/80’s dance club) for some ass shaking afterwards… and Tina basically thought we were nuts (good point) and headed on her way home. But we would not be foiled, and trudged on up to Polly Esther’s. The moon and stars aligned and we arrived precisely 5 minutes before they started charging a cover. And then we danced out booties off. Seriously fun and seriously dorky.

I dropped Jenny off at 1:30am and straggled home myself after that. Plop into bed and before I totally conked out, Bryan told me that he and Cap’n had decided to take the kids skiing this morning so we could sleep in. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my husband???

So, the boys headed off this morning for Declan’s first try at skiing… And although I am bummed to miss it, my throbbing head is still saying thank you to Bryan.

Declan’s excited little face was just priceless. “Mommy, Mommy. You know where I am going today? SKIING. With LILY.”

I am pretty sure Declan does not know what skiing actually is. But he will find out real soon!

And what do I do with myself for the rest of the day???

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