Shave Biopsy

It sounds worse than what it was.

Went to the dermotologist yesterday to have her check my acne, give me some new Rxs, and to have her check a suspicious mole. Apparently the acne is in a good place, since the nurse looked surprised when I said I was there for an acne check, and then she looked around my face, presumably searching for zits galore. My acne of course, is under control, mainly because I am back on antibiotics. But I’ll take it.

The Derm thinks my mole looks fine, but since it seems to get irritated and then calm down and then get irritated agaim, she decided to do a shave biopsy, just in case. A shave biopsy is pretty much exactly like it sounds… they numbed my arm and then took a razor and sliced off about a pea sized mound of skin at the mole site, effectively removing the mole in the process. I’ll know in a few weeks if I am a hypochondriac, or if there really was something wrong.

Meanwhile, it didn’t hurt yesterday, but it is hurting like a mo-fo this morning!

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