Friday night, Declan’s best pal slept over and we had them up super late and they were a couple of complete giggle monsters and they still got up fairly early so what is the logical thing to do when you have two crazed lunatics on your hands??? Fill them up with donuts and take them to the skatepark!!! [In my defense, I *did* make them eat a cheese stick first.]


But basically the boys were more interested in running in the bowl while Bryan skated around them, and – really – who can blame them?

Skate Around Animation

All the photos from our sugar-induced early-morning skating frenzy are here!

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  1. Lauren

    the animation is making me seasick!!!

  2. Dr. Cason

    I can’t get my little 2 year old to wear a helmet. It’s driving me crazy.

  3. Anonymous

    love it!

  4. leaca

    looks like fun.

  5. Megan

    those boys are so cute!

  6. mothergoosemouse

    Another reason for you guys to head down here – they just opened a skate park not five minutes away! WHOO!!!

  7. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    thanks guys!

    and Julie, totally!!!

  8. Nadine

    That’s an awesome little animation! Looks like you had fun!

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