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Note: This is not a sponsored post. Just commentary on a good guy.

I have known John Fisher a long time. He owns StickerGiant Custom Stickers up in Boulder, Colorado, and I can’t even remember when we met. I assume it was at Ignite Boulder sometime, but like many of my local tech/twitter/blog friends, it just feels like forever.

John has always come to my aid when I needed him. Especially for my fundraiser Tellerpalooza, which I have clearly been talking about a lot lately. I remember emailing and asking him if he could help me with some stickers to promote the event last year and his response was, “What do you need?” We got back these kick ass bumper stickers that I still see everywhere.

He has been a long time supporter of me, and events like Ignite Boulder because he cares about our community. Thanks John, you rock!

P.S. I love the new Sticker Giant logo!

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  1. Andrew Hyde

    I’ve used SG for years. Awesome Colorado company.

  2. Aimee Giese

    Andrew, I should have mentioned I have used Sticker Giant for several jobs where I actually paid him too! 😉

  3. Bill

    Yeah, he went way above and beyond on a project for me a couple years ago.

  4. StickerGiant

    Thanks Amy, this makes my day in so many ways, perfect timing for this.

  5. Kriddie

    I just picked up 2 sets of Bop Skizzum stickers at Sticker Giant last week! Lucky for me, their office is just a few miles away. They always do a great job! Nice post, Coloradical Proud!

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