Fiddler’s Green

The Band Ghost - Concert Photos & Review - Fiddler's Green Denver

Ghost at Fiddler’s Green Denver

I have been wanting to see + photograph the band Ghost forever. That opportunity presented itself at Fiddler's Green here in Denver recently – and they did not disappoint. Larger than life, Ghost is a Swedish rock band known for their theatrical and enigmatic presence.…
Coheed & Cambria - Denver Concert Photos

Coheed & Cambria and Alkaline Trio at Fiddler’s Green

I have been wanting to see both Coheed & Cambria and Alkaline Trio for the longest time, so it was amazing when they played together at Denver's Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre. The crowd definitely agreed with me, because everyone was feeling raucous – from the tiniest…
Dave Matthews Band - Fiddler's Green 2021

Dave Matthews Band at Fiddler’s Green Denver (Night 1)

I have seen Dave Matthews Band several times, including that beautiful Red Rocks show in 1995, but I have never had the opportunity to photograph him. That changed last week at Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre, where the atmosphere was pretty euphoric for long-time fans to see…
Styx Concert Photos 2018 - Fiddler's Green Denver

Styx at Fiddler’s Green Denver

I was born in 1970, so the band Styx is both my childhood and my teen years. I will admit I have always liked them, but seeing them in concert last month made me a FAN. Yup, I even bought a t-shirt! Openers Tesla and…

The Lumineers at Fiddler’s Green in Denver

A Denver band that I am shocked I had not seen live until recently is The Lumineers. They moved here from New York in 2010 and played the Meadowlark's open mic night regularly, so I definitely missed out. It took two nights of sold out…
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