Alice Merton Interview - New Album SIDES

Interview with Alice Merton

I was excited to get on zoom with Alice Merton recently, and we chatted about all kinds of things. From her songwriting, to getting back to concerts, to the insane world events swirling around us. She was incredibly friendly and open – and I can't…
Dream Feed - Denver Band - Earth Day Single

Interview with Dream Feed – New Single Debuts on Earth Day

Many people remember Miguel Dakota from America's Got Talent. But did you know he formed his current band around that same time – and they have been playing together ever since? Dream Feed consists of Dakota (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Ryan Wagner (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Will…
Interview with the band Weathers

Interview With The Band WEATHERS

The band Weathers is on a roll. They have been touring like crazy, finishing up their stint with Echosmith this weekend, releasing new songs such as "Feel Good" and making a ton of die-hard fans along the way. I was able to sit down with…