Talk Like A *Parrot* Day???

I’ve told you that I work with some of the most awesome folk on the planet, right?

Remember how last September 19th, several landlubbers (including my husband) went all out for TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY? (Which, if you haven’t put it together, is TODAY?)

Well… James absolutely, positively topped himself this year.

May I present a PARROT with a PIRATE on his shoulder…

(Click image to see larger)

Arrrrgh matey, indeed!

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  1. Sarah


  2. Shelly

    That is hilarious! You do work with some funny folk!

  3. g-man

    That’s quite the pecker he has there.

  4. Sizzle

    that is the best costume ever!

  5. Anonymous

    James ROCKS!

  6. monstergirlee

    Awesome! You are lucky to work with such a hilarious crew. LOVED IT!

  7. Lauren

    Can I work with James????

  8. nutmeg

    I’m sitting at the library while my kids make Pirate Hats and watch The Muppet Pirate Movie. Stupid me. I thought it was just in my library! That man ROCKS!

  9. Builder Mama

    OMG, that is like the funniest thing EVER. How do you not pee in your pants on a daily basis?

  10. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Who says I don’t??? 😉

  11. Bryan

    That’s one evil beak on that Parrot. You should send the photo to the talk like a pirate website so they can get our joke.

  12. Anonymous

    Can I please, please, please, pretty please come work in your office? I promise to leave lots of little parrot balloon animals all over the place for you.


  13. painted maypole

    ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Arrrrr… that is one parrot I wouldn’t want to have to carry on my shoulder, mate.

  14. Alpha DogMa

    James, it takes a real man to walk around all day covered in feathers. You are awesome!

  15. merrymishaps

    You’re putting our developers to shame … I believe they write pirate comments in their code on Sept 19, but, nobody dresses up!

  16. Dagger Dan

    I had an ephinany in about 1981, when I visited Cornwall and was shocked to find that all of the locals sounded like pirates! Cornish folk are ancestraly sea-faring, and I think it was Wallace Beery’s Long John Silver in “Treasure Island” (1934) who set our modern ear for pirate talk toward cornish-inflected English.

  17. soccer mom in denial


  18. Sassy


  19. carrie

    OMG! I thought all this was a joke about it being “talk like a pirate day” and all.

    Obviously I was wrong.

    That is awesome!

  20. Sandy

    Hilarious! Love the shots from last year too!

  21. sue

    O.M.G. – Too funny!

  22. Mrs. Flinger

    What’s “Oh shit” in pirot? “Ohhh, shitty, mate”

    🙂 missed it!

  23. creative-type dad


    I totally want one of those to wear while I’m putting gas in my car.

  24. Jenny, the Bloggess


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