The Bad and the Good.

Allergy results:

– Aimee allergic to 2 kinds of trees.

– Declan allergic to 1 kind of kitty-cat.


That was the bad news (if you couldn’t tell). The good news is the Doc was not all over us to get rid of the cat. (Insert Aimee happy face). He wants us to vacuum Declan’s room up and down (good thing we got the Dyson Animal, huh?) every night for a week and start locking the cat out of his room forever and ever, amen. Dex goes back on Zyrtec once daily and Rhinocort sprays as well. We have another checkup in a month to see how things are going.

Doc also believes that Declan has very mild asthma and was on the fence about putting him on Singular. In the end, we decided not to since the Zyrtec was working so well for him this past month.

Looks like Fat Pussy (as Bryan calls him) just got a pardon.

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