The Fray at Red Rocks

The Fray at Red Rocks

The Fray are cursed. Every single time they play at Red Rocks, it absolutely pours. As if Mother Nature grabs a huge bucket and dumps it on Morrison, Colorado, whenever she hears the first few notes of Over My Head. Not joking. DUMPS.

I know, I have been there every time and photographed the last two, much to the disdain of my camera.

The good news is, it’s pretty funny by now – and the band completely takes it in stride. The 2014 show was just as wonderful as any, and seeing as their new album, Helios, is a new direction for the band – there was an additional level of excitement.

These guys appreciate their home town – and vice versa – so it always great to see them here.

The Fray

TheFray_2014_11 TheFray_2014_45


TheFray_2014_19 TheFray_2014_22



TheFray_2014_26 TheFray_2014_37



TheFray_2014_32 TheFray_2014_33

TheFray_2014_14 TheFray_2014_25


TheFray_2014_40 TheFray_2014_39


TheFray_2014_43 TheFray_2014_46

To see other photos I have taken of The Fray, their members and opening acts, check out this Flickr set.

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  1. Stevie

    I love the Fray and I love this pics!

  2. jess

    Omg great pics!

  3. Jennifer

    My fave band. So great that you get to photograph them.

  4. Ben D

    I missed them AGAIN.

  5. zipper

    great band and great pics!

    • Aimee

      Thanks so much! And yeah, continue to be one of my favorite bands.

  6. Amy Evans

    Aimee, I love your concert photos but The Fray are the BEST!!!!!

  7. Jennifer K

    These photos are phenomenal too!

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