The Haircut

It’s done. My stylist talked me into going shorter than Jen’s hair to have more of a change, and I talked her into more bangs than she wanted to do. She has been cutting my hair for nearly a decade, so we trust each other. Not to mention I am kind of having a mid-life crisis (let’s not forget I turn 38 this month), so I kind of don’t give a crap. Except that I kind of do, and I kind of freaked out the whole way home.

What do you think? Huh? Huh? HUH?

I am thinking I will like it more when it grows in a bit, that I did indeed go a tad too short. And probably a BMW would be way more fun for a mid-life crisis.

But let me know what you think. And then I will stop yapping about it.

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  1. Sizzle

    It’s super cute! Yes, it’s short and that shock will wear off. I can see what you’re saying about letting it grow in a bit. . . but not in a bad way, it’s just a big change. You’re freaking adorable! (Haircuts are way cheaper than BMWs plus you can change the color.)


  2. villanovababy

    I like it! I’m such a fan of short hair…I wore my hair like that for years. I think you look cute, and I dig the color too. 🙂


    Cute cut, it will be perfect for summer. I like the highlights too very flattering.

  4. Anonymous

    Sassy! Cute! Highly flattering! Well done Aimee.

    (from MG)

  5. zenrain

    love it! you have inspired me to go shorter as well!

  6. Mr Lady

    All i am going to say is this: Bryan oughta be mighty glad we’re not neighbors anymore. I think I’d give him a run for his money. Meee-Oooow.

  7. Catherine

    I totally dig it. I generally love short cuts. But yours looks like the kind of hair that does great whatever the style.

  8. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I don’t care if you guys are just saying this to make me feel better, because it is working.

    THANK YOU!!!!!

    And Marabeth, I love your hair short.

  9. Keely

    LURVE it! 🙂 You look great! It always takes me a day or two to adjust to new hair.

  10. Bryan

    That looks awesome! I can’t wait to see it in person!

    I am a lucky man.


  11. daysgoby

    Your hair looks super thick and shiny – and your eyes really pop!


  12. daysgoby

    Oh, and Bryan’s comment is so sweet!

  13. Jen

    Well, I, for one, love it. I felt pretty milquetoast about my cut immediately after, but it’s been almost two weeks, and I love it. So glad I did it. I’m happy I could be your hair muse!

  14. Reese

    I love love love it, Aimee! It *is* a great cut (kudos to your stylist) and you wear it *very* well. Katie Holmes just cut her hair shorter – you’re in good company (or rather she is…).

    You could blow the sides forward and push the bangs to the side 🙂

    Yay short hair!

  15. Jen

    OK, scratch the word “milquetoast.” I thought it meant something different. What I meant was, I felt pretty meh about my hair immediately after. But now: so happy!

  16. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    ha ha, Jen I knew what you meant!!!

    And seriously you all are the best!!!

  17. Sarah Jackson

    it looks great! I’m not just saying that.

  18. jennifer

    So cute! I need a change, but i don’t know if I’m brave enough!

  19. Stacy (sissy)

    Love it sissy! Wish i would cut all of mine off! Great cut on you!

  20. tracey

    you’re so darn cute I can’t stand it!

  21. debra

    I think your cut is so flattering! So cute!

  22. Manisha

    It’s sassy! It’s just too darned cute!

    Mid-life crisis at 38? No!!! You have two more years to go. I was miserable last year. Now I don’t care. Depending on the situation, my tagline is: I don’t do that, I’m 40. or I’m 40; I can do anything I want. I like the latter better.

  23. laughingatchaos

    I love it! I may steal it from you when I get sick of attempting to grow my hair out. Really, what was I thinking?

  24. Mamma

    Shoot! You can pull off any haircut, can’t you?? Biotch!

    I love it. And I understand the mid-life crisis. I just turned 38 on Sunday, but I hadn’t thought of the BMW more like a hot cabana boy.

  25. Sister Honey Bunch

    OMGosh with the sassy! I love it.

  26. g-man

    I think it looks great! It really flatters your face.

  27. Lisa

    Really cute Aimee!! And will probably be much easier to take care of.

  28. LA Blogger Gal

    it’s cute! I’ve always loved short, sassy hair and those high lights are great!

  29. sambycat

    LOVE it! love the color (i’m just jealous cause i think your hair is STILL longer than mine…) 🙂

    really cute!

  30. treesflowersbirds

    I love it! Looks great on you. Color is great too.

  31. Mayberry

    Likey! It will look GREAT with your Beemer.

  32. Anonymous

    OMG!!! You totally went for it! It’s awesome… I really like it. I wasn’t expecting you to go so short, but it really does look fantastic.


  33. Lara

    so cute! i love it. 🙂

  34. Anonymous

    I L O V E I T!!!!


  35. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Bryan has been complimenting me all night and then I come here and you guys…. seriously!!! Where was the internet every other major haircut in my life?????

  36. DasBecca

    LOVE. Really. Totally flattering, and a great actual cut (they did a wonderful job). 😉

  37. Graham

    Don’t tell Bryan, but I say GOR-FRIKKIN’-JUS!

  38. Loralee Choate

    It looks so cute! I totally wish I could pull off short hair like that.

  39. whoorl

    You are ADORABLE. Short hair rules!

  40. carrie

    You have just the kind of beautiful face that can pull off short hair!

    I love it, especially the highlights — very cute!

  41. bipolarlawyercook

    Wow! I like it! Sassy! I liked your old haircut, but I def. understand feeling the need for a change. It’s a good change!

  42. Amy

    i think it’s very cute and the color is rockin!! you go girl. I cut mine off recently only i wasn’t supposed to on account of the movie and yesterday had to spend $130 on extensions. then they gave me the biggest headache ever and almost threw up. the things we endure for beauty. 🙂

  43. Crunchy Domestic Goddess

    oooh, it looks fabulous! love the highlights too. i bet it feels fantastic. 🙂

  44. painted maypole

    it’s adorable, however, with that smile you could pull of anything! 😉

  45. Deeg

    oh i love it! And I am not one to like short hair on ladies one bit. But something about this look on you…its very tinkerbellish to me lol and i do love me some tinkerbell mmmhmmm

  46. Sue at eLuckypacket

    Gorgeous! And you should cut your hair more often >> comment frenzy!!!

  47. The Casual Perfectionist

    I love the sassy cut! I’m sorry I’m a little late to the comment party… 😉

  48. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Aww, man, really. I love you guys. Thanks you so much.

  49. Tree

    I think it looks uber-fantastic! It’s very “you” and I think the color is wonderful.

  50. Jen

    Super Cute…I am sure it is very easy to maintain as well…when I went short it cut my time to get ready in the morning by a big chunk…of course now I am letting it grow back out :”)

  51. Anonymous

    Ok. You can officially stop freakin’ out. It’s awesome. You’re probably freaking over the change, not the cut. I love it. I also plan to go back to my usual (nearly shaved) head this summer. This girlie hair thing is a drag. Short is SEXY. Totally. Love it. 🙂 – Rachel S.

  52. Mrs. Wheezer

    Too, too cute!

    (I’m getting my hair chopped next Wednesday, shhh, don’t tell…)

  53. Shelly

    It looks super cute, Aimee! I love the color too. I got a short do’ too after donating 9″ of hair. It feels so good!

  54. Colleen

    Oh, I really like it. And now… you need to buy lots of cool funky earrings. Short hair is a great excuse to buy earrings!

  55. blogapotamus

    Seriously cute and very flattering. 🙂 Making me think that it’s time for a trim….

  56. Kelly

    I’m growing my hair out from a haircut that was that short and all I can see when I look at your new hair is envy. Very cute!

  57. Kathy

    Totally cute. I’d go that short if I didn’t have hair like… what’s that line in Steel Magnolias? Oh yeah, a brown football helmet.

  58. Andie

    cute! I’m a fan! 🙂

  59. AB

    Very cute! Suits you well!

  60. June

    Perky…sassy. I think it looks great and it gives you an entirely new aura.

  61. Ali

    it totally works. am so impressed that you did it! i’m way too chicken!

  62. Rebecca F.

    Wow. Can I join everyone is saying it looks great!!

  63. Christianne

    i love it! and now, oh crap, you are inspiring me to go and get my own hair cut this weekend when my hub and i are having a spa day. why not add on a hair consultation and get it chopped short and cute like yours? except of course, mine will not be able to be quite as short and cute as yours because my hair is thick and curly! i’m not sure what the solution will be to that one. but anyway, i love your cut, thinks it’s muy cute on you, and appreciate being inspired!

    by the way, i linked to you in my latest blog post, thanking you for the jason mraz video, which i have also posted on my blog for others to enjoy. 🙂

  64. merrymishaps

    I wonder why you had to talk your stylist ingo bangs, I think they look great!

  65. Miss Britt

    OMG – super cute! And, dare I say, you look younger!

  66. nutmeg

    I’m going to be the only shit on the net to say I like it long better. I like it – and as it’s been said, you have a face (and smile) that can handle any cut, but I REALLY loved the long blunt look. Keep in mind I’ve warn my hair quite short for about four years now and am trying to GET to your old length. The color is perfect and I love the scattered part. Can you get it to look that way yourself? I never can. What I love and respect about this haircut (and Greeblemonkey in general) is the balls it took to take the risk. That’s the way to handle a mid-life crisis!

  67. soccer mom in denial

    LOVE IT! Love it love it love it…..

  68. crabapple

    Is the color a bit darker? It seems like it…and it really makes your blue eyes pop.

  69. ie

    Make sure the BMW is a convertible so you can show off the cuteness.

    Big thumbs up on the highlights!

  70. Ashmystir


  71. Builder Mama

    I love it! It looks great on you, especially the color. Bravo!

  72. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    You guys are killing me with kindness. Seriously! xoxoxox

    And Meg, I actually do think my other cut is more flattering, but I was ready for a change. I am still a bit freaked out about it and will feel better when it’s a little less mushroom-like… but it will be fun for the summer and maybe next winter I will grow it back out. My hair grows SUPER fast.

    Oh, and it’s wild to have my peripheral vision on the right side back again.

  73. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Oh, and one more thing – the color is actually the same color she always does, although I asked her to bump the highlights up a bit for spring… but she said the color would look different with a different cut, esp shorter – and she was right!

  74. Just Janice

    Awesome cut!

  75. secret agent mama

    I think it’s very sassy, and I love it!!

  76. Marketing Mama

    You look great! Yay!

  77. Mandy

    I just started reading your blog a while ago, but I absolutely love the hair!

  78. WhyMommy

    Cute, cute, cute!

  79. sue

    Ooooo… CUTE!!

  80. Mrs. Flinger

    I had that hair cut! I just love it. It’s adorable!!

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