The Runners are Descending!

I thought Denver was down for the count, but in a last minute turn-around, Tree and Gretchen pulled it out, and are coming to do the Denver Half Marathon. My email inbox literally exploded with the news this morning and I jumped around my office in excitement. Like a crazy person.

And in the midst of the insanity, we convinced another good friend, Anne, to come along with Teresa to do the run… and we may also have Christina coming to support the Greeblemonkey cheering section. In fact, she would lead the Greeblemonkey cheering section, seeing as she was a cheerleader in high school and all.

So, Jeff and Danielle – is this marathon on your horizon? Any other Denverites making the run?

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  1. Gretchen

    Call me a crazy. Like I said, I’m getting all excited looking at my training schedule.

    Not just for the run, but the FUN to be had in Denver…

  2. Amber

    Gee, tempting. Err…. Ahhh… NO REALLY.

  3. Sarah

    How fun!

  4. Mayberrys

    Maybe I’ll come too!!

  5. merrymishaps

    Hmm … I am looking for another destination race … but, the timing isn’t right for this one ūüôā

  6. Jeff and Danielle

    You know, I could see joining in. Hopefully I can get conditioned in the next couple months!

  7. James S

    I will be running the Denver Marathon. It is a great race and a fun course to run (well, as much fun as running 26.2 miles can be).

  8. Lotta

    How exciting!

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