The Ultimate Gift

You all know how I am a big fat liberal, right? So you can guess what it’s like when you have an aunt and uncle who are, well, not. (For clarification, this is my aunt on my dad’s side, not the aunt who is visiting right now.)

At first there were awkward attempts on either side to change opinions. Well, between my uncle and I, that is. My Aunt Kitty is far too gentile and polite to try to tell anyone anything! Such an incredibly lovely woman, that Kitty. And finally Uncle Bill and I realized we were getting nowhere from our respective sides of the Senate, and our diversity of opinion finally settled into a lot of good-natured ribbing.

Enter August, and Uncle Bill’s birthday, and the continual quest for a special present, when the man truly already has everything he either needs or wants. Seriously. I have this problem with every single adult member of the family! I am warning you all, right here right now! Start telling me what to get you, or you’re all getting iTunes cards, carte blanche, from here on out!

But back to Bill’s birthday. I thought and thought and thought about what to get him. And then, there it was. The ultimate gift, the ultimate sacrifice. A bright and shiny card with a huge picture of John McCain’s smiling face on it. Sure, it cost a little less than I normally spend on his presents, but as I carried the card to the register between the very tips of my index finger and thumb, I knew HE would know that I had paid for it with a piece of my very soul.

And he did.

I got an email yesterday from him that said this: “Loved the birthday card. I’m sure you had a hard time buying it. But you know right will out in time.”

He always loves getting the last word.

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  1. monstergirlee

    oh – I’d get in trouble for stealing it as I tried to conceal it from the general public as I hurried to the register – and didn’t make eye contact with anyone. You are a good woman, I’m impressed with this. Seriously.

    btw – lately I’ve been taking it easy and giving out pictures of the kids for b-days etc.

  2. zipper

    that is awesome.

  3. Sparkliesunshine

    I know EXACTLY what you mean. My parents are pretty hardcore conservative republicans. Almost all the gifts I get my father give me this same feeling.

  4. Anonymous

    that is hilarious.

  5. motherbumper

    I’m just picturing you carrying that card like it was covered in poop and can’t help but giggle. And also commend you on getting something he would uh… frame?

  6. Suzanne Says...

    I feel ya, truly I do. I don’t know that I am strong enough to do such a thing, myself. Good on you!

  7. Joy!

    I admire your self-sacrificial commitment to getting him something he’ll enjoy! I don’t think I could have done it.

  8. Ali

    you are my hero.

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