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The Weeks at Bluebird Theater Denver

I love when I discover bands through music streaming services and then finally get to see them live. Such was the case with The Weeks band. Somehow the song “Brother In The Night” was recommended to me in 2013, probably by Rdio back then, and I fell in love. The band itself formed in 2006 when they were between 14 and 16 years old! So, now, in 2019, they are veterans of the music world and it shows.

The Weeks, which include twins Cain and Cyle Barnes, are definitely southern boys – growing up in Mississippi and now residing in Nashville. That’s definitely there in their music and in the feeling of their lyrics. But the performance is for sure indie rock and lead singer Cain delivers the songs in almost a trance-state, which is mesmerizing to watch.

The Weeks – Concert Photos Denver

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