They are pretty damn cute, too.

Dooce and Blurb (or “Booce” as my co-worker just called them) were kind enough to hang out for several hours and let their stalkers fans shower them with adoration – and gifts! But seriously, they were just Groove Is In The Heart Deee-Lite-Full – warm, and friendly, and very approachable. I highly suggest you stalk them if you get the chance.

I even managed to have a conversation with Jon about phlegm. But I guess that really isn’t saying much, since I talk about that all the time.

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  1. Meghann

    *is jealous*

  2. Anonymous

    holy moly! how fun!

  3. zipper

    You need to go to sxsw more often

  4. Anonymous

    Whoa! You met dooce? She rocks. Isn’t she the reason you starting blogging? Nice. 🙂

  5. amy t sharp

    so cool
    yr like a rockstar and I got yr cd today
    Merci! they are a cute couple fer sher! You look like yr having a blast! Yahoo! When are awards?

  6. MB

    Yo, Dooce is totally cute! I’m jealous! Well, not just because she’s cute…she’s Dooce!

  7. Fi

    Dooce was one of the first blogs on my first blogroll on my very first blog!

    How cool that you got to meet Heather and Jon.

  8. villanovababy

    Well that settles it. I’m going to SXSW next year. Sure, I was never nominated for any awards and I’m not a big fancy-pants hot mommy blogger like you, but I too aspire to stalk famous bloggers. Have you seen Maggie Mason of Mighty Goods yet?

  9. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Anonymous, not to sound all blase, but I wouldn’t say I started blogging because of Dooce. I definitely did it for me. 😉 BUT, she was one of the first I really started reading regularly and I respect her alot (ohh sucking up in comments, too- damn I am good).

    And Erin, the social stuff has been fun here, but I am seriously learning a ton and given your job, you really should come next year!!!

  10. sam

    I am so green with envy at the moment.

    And Heather B.?!


  11. Angella

    I’d be just as happy stalking you and Heather B. I may have to Photoshop myself into that photo 😉

  12. chloebear

    wow, I know how much you were hoping to meet Dooce. Glad your having fun too!

  13. Anonymous

    sounds like you are having an awesome time.

  14. carrie

    You are such a Superstah!

  15. painted maypole

    i jsut had my own blogger meet up this weekend, The Ambassador and Soccer Mom in Denial

  16. Miss Britt

    That is a great shot of Dooce.

    And you’re too cute as well. 😉

  17. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Nutmeg, you are the wing beneath my wings.

  18. Becky

    So so jealous!
    I love you but Heather and Jon… That’s like Blogger Royalty!

    You rock!
    And I will TOTALLY stalk them if I ever get the chance.

  19. nutmeg

    Dood! Very cool. Not as cool as meeting Nutmeg though.

  20. sue

    Oh how fun!

  21. Christina

    OK, sure, Heather looks great and all, but look at you! You look fabulous and happy! Practically glowing, even.

    Please tell me you’re coming to BlogHer this year.

  22. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Christina, is HeatherB paying you or something? LOL. That was a constant stream form her mouth all weekend. But no, not this year at least. Maybe someday. But thanks so much to you and everybody for the nice words. And luckily I posted from the beginning of the trip. I am looking pretty haggard now.

  23. gorillabuns

    Shouts and love for HeatherB!!!

  24. BlondeMomBlog (Jamie)

    You are a rockstar!

    I clicked over from Mrs. Fussypants and have to say you are the ONLY other blogger I’ve seen reference Groove is in the Heart besides me. Ahem. You obviously have great taste. 😉

    I have it on a cheesie dance mix CD and LOVE LOVE it.

    Gotta go groove now here at my desk.

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