Things I Learned at BlogHer 08 (or, as I like to call it: "Facebook LIVE!")

You ladies (and men) are awesome. Like, really, really awesome.

Shuttle drivers do NOT know the way to Guy Kawasaki’s house.

Some people didn’t know who Guy Kawasaki was. Not me of course, trust me – my whole office erupted in applause when the invite came in.

The rest of Kirtsy chicks are just as awesome as Laura.

Drinking Israeli wine, when you never ever ever drink wine ever, gets you drunk very very fast.

The wonderful Jenny will be called out for double-fisting it when she is simply holding your glass.

The People’s Party had a LOT of people.

Many of whom are a blur thanks to that Israeli wine. And here is my formal apology for any Israeli-induced actions on late Friday night that I actually don’t remember at this point. Because, seriously. There are BLANKS.

I do remember hanging with Doodaddy, who brought me toothpaste, and also hung with me while we both got interviewed for a parenting podcast. That should be interesting.

I also remember tackling Mr. Lady in the hall. Did you know she used to be my next door neighbor in Denver? If you didn’t, you are in the minority because I apparently told everyone in the 3 block radius. We’ll come back to this woman in a minute.

Another thing I learned was DO NOT LEAVE YOUR iPHONE UNATTENDED. Because if you do, Tara and Ingrid will grab it start tweeting from your phone, telling everyone how fucking hawt they are – FUCK YEAH!

And, um, apparently I am very generous drunk and was buying drinks for friends, neighbors and dudes off the street in the lobby bar late Friday night. If that list included you, you are welcome. I literally have no idea how big my bar bill was and am scared to call the credit card company.

Israeli wine hangovers are BAD NEWS.

You can sleep in at BlogHer and no one will miss you.

You also can, totally, attend your friend Gwen’s session, but also can, totally, get so intermittently HOT (and still be hungover) that you also can, totally, become scared you will throw up in the middle of her speaking, and that could be slightly BAD, so you discover you can actually sneak out with no one noticing. And not throw-up. Totally whew.

That Eden is a genius. The Community Keynote was an absolute highlight of the weekend. I laughed, I cried – the whole deal. And when Mr. Lady stepped out with the first of many heart-wrenching readings, I lost it and balled my head off.

The Ruby Skye TNT party had the best food of the whole weekend. And certainly the best architecture.

The doorman at the St. Francis is an asshole.

My friend from college Caroline and I have known each other for 20 years.

Walking in heels will give you massive blisters.

The Masons put on a fab party. And Bryan Mason’s office has great lighting.

Maggie has a thing for keys just like I do.

And dancing.

Whoorl does a kick-ass sprinkler. And is a kick-ass person.

You can have just as much fun at a party sober as you do drunk. {GASP!}

And it makes it much easier to get up in the morning. For Maggie, Evany, Melissa and Sarah’s session about Passion. In Blogging, that is.

Boxed lunches can get old. Good thing Sizzle was there to take me for sushi.

Me Ra Koh is an amazing photographer and speaker – and is very CALM. To prove it, she handled a 5’10” crazed fan-girl woman tackling her after the photography session very well.

Oh, and I also learned that I am tall! No, really! As mentioned above, 5’10” to be exact. I was told that no less than 50 times, so it must be true.

The Shutter Sisters are as amazing in person as they are on the interwebs. And have amazing brains to boot. They decided to gather up anyone who was interested to take a photowalk, and get the “best of” published by Blurb. See the awesome results here. Girl photogs rock!

I don’t care for drama. Unless it’s the TNT kind from the night before, blasted all over the walls of a bar, of course.

If I hear the phrase “mah betches” one more time in my life, it could be one time too early.

Otherwise, the closing keynote with Heather and Stephanie Klein was interesting, funny, and hard all the same. I saw it at the keynote and in various other places over the weekend for bloggers on that level; the fame and pressure has got to be difficult.

After an exhausting day, laying on your bed and watching TV is nice. Really nice. Even if it means you miss out on drinking alcohol while wandering around shopping at Macy’s.

Laying around your bed gives you a second wind for CHEESEBURGHERS. Literally some of the funniest photos in all of the BlogHer sets, yo’s.

When you have to get in a taxi at 6am, it’s best to get to bed early. So after some double-arched fun, I called it a night.

And that’s it for BlogHer folks.
Here is my full BlogHer08 Flickrstream.



BONUS: Two of the best “overheards” of the weekend involved Mrs. Flinger. Who is awesome.

At the Alltop/Kirtsy party…

Me: Oh look! There’s paella!

Flinger: I don’t think I read her!

At the Closing Keynote…

Flinger to the also wonderful Angella/DutchBlitz: [as she cuts in front of about 50 people in the food line] Angella, you’re totally cutting!

Angella: Well, wow… I do work out, you know…


It really was an amazing experience. Thanks to everyone.

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  1. Rhiannon

    “I don’t think I read her”

    Only the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. I am giggling in my office and my coworkers are glaring at me.

  2. Christine

    Mrs. Flinger was good for a lot of funnies, huh?

    It was great meeting you!

  3. Mr Lady

    A point by point comment:

    Certain bloggers also don’t know how to check their DM’s in twitter, making them miss Guy’s party.

    I don’t know about that; Laura was pretty damn awesome (also, hot.)

    Jenny could double fist me any day. Feel free to delete this one.

    What? You lived where? I had NO idea. (Seriously, I hope you lie and point to the house on the OTHER side of you when you’re all Mr Lady Lived there! and not that dive I actually lived in)

    I know EXACTLY how much your tabs was, because I tried to contribute and got some slurred version of Shh. More like a ‘Slush. Yooooooou. Heyyyy, did yoooou guys know I uuuuused to live’…. 🙂 Let’s just say it cost you more than a bl&w j*b, but less than a threes*me. Feel free to delete that, also.

    I actually threw up. About 5 times. In the bathroom of the Westin. Right when you weren’t.

    I like making you cry; making you cry is my favorite.

    10 of us smoked FOUR packs of cigarettes while you partied with the Masons. Ouch.

    I live Sizzle. I hate drama. I could not agree with you more about the signs of pressure on those girls faces. I really felt for both of them, too.

    I think we JUST passes each other at the cheeseburger party. Which sucks, because we could have DAZZLED EVERYONE with our secret about how we know each other.

    August. That is all.

  4. Oh, The Joys

    Guy who? What is social media?

    Ha ha ha ha.

    (Your response was the BEST.)

  5. Mamma

    I have you to thank for my Isreali wine drunkness-thankyouverymuch.

    Honestly, those were my first two full glasses of wine in my life. Darned if I remember the name of it though.

  6. Anonymous

    sounds like a blast!

  7. Sizzle

    Having sushi with you was a highlight of my BlogHer experience.

    Well that and having you sit in my lap.


  8. zipper

    Glad you are back, we missed you!

  9. Lotta

    That’s hilarious that they tweeted as you! I would still be staring at the iphone trying to figure out how to work it!

    Thank you so much for the beautiful doorknob photo! I am going to print and frame it you know.


    I love the quotes that come out of gatherings like these. And that there is photographic evidence of my roommate rocking The Sprinkler. That makes me happy.

    Nice to *meet* you!

  11. Anonymous

    awesome photos. thanks for sharing.

  12. Kristabella

    The Keynote was a fabulous idea! That was one of my most favorite things!

    I don’t read Paella either. I wonder if I have her business card in my purse.

  13. motherbumper

    How did we not cross paths? Now there’s a blogher crime for you.

  14. gorillabuns

    I don’t mind drama, as long as I’m not a part of it.

  15. carrie

    That’s it, I’m going to the market to buy some Israeli wine and look at your Flickr set so that I can BE THERE with you.

    I am so going next year. IF the damn fam vacation is not at the same damn time.

  16. Don Mills Diva

    Wish we could have hung out more though I have posted a smashing picture of you from the cheeseburger party!

  17. Megan

    Sounds like so much fun!!!! And the pics are hilarious!

  18. Sharon Pula

    LOL! Ok, so I have no clue what anything in this post means, but . . .

    Did want to share with you that I saw John Mayer last Sunday when he premiered Panama! Wasn’t it awesome?! It was a great show!! What did you think of his version of Free Fallin’?

  19. Angella

    Ah, yes. I felt so brilliant after that exchange at the Boca burger table.

    *Shakes head*

  20. Laurie


  21. Ali

    mrs. flinger…LOVE!

  22. Sarah

    So fucking jealous.

  23. Nadine

    Sounds like a lot of fun!! Wish I could have been there. I love SF!

  24. MB

    In reading about your adventures, I have learned that I totally think I have a crush on Mr. Lady. Shhhhh. Don’t tell her.

  25. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I do so miss all you guys! What a fun group.

    I *am* trying to catch up on sleep and my boys too, which is nice too, though! 😉

  26. Richard Shaffer

    Hey Aimee!

    Glad you enjoyed the wine from Israel. Sounds like you REALLY enjoyed it, actually, which is great.

    When am I coming to do an Israeli wine house party with you and your girlfriends?

    Israeli Wine Direct

  27. monstergirlee

    Hi Aimee – great write up. I’m about half way through your photos – hope you don’t mind that I commented on some of them.
    Sounds like an amazing weekend.

  28. Mrs. Flinger

    Buhahahahahaha. I can NOT BELIEVE you posted that. No, wait. I can.

    Aimee, I would so totally move to Denver just to be able to say, “I followed Aimee to DENVER” 🙂

    you rock.

  29. Kitchen Gadget Girl

    OMG, were we at the same conference? Other than the photo walk, which I agree, was totally awesome, I do not recall all the other awesomeness that you experienced. Clearly, I need to meet you earlier next year, and stay close to your side. Kidding of course, I am all about personal space….

  30. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Wow, so the wine guy chimed in to make me feel embarrassed too. AWESOME.

    By the way,it was the Flam white that I was drinking. It was actually very nice. And that says alot for me to say that since I never ever ever drink wine.

    And Richard, you are welcome to Denver ANY TIME.

    As long as Mrs. Flinger can fly in to join us.

  31. VDog

    Agreed on the Ruby Skye food. Wondering if the box lunches are what caused Blogherbola virus — or was it Macy’s??

    Great to meet you and yo tall azz. Makin’ me look short and shiat. 😀

  32. regina

    I now want to change my name to Paella.

  33. mothergoosemouse

    LMFAO at “paella”. I want to tuck Mrs. Flinger into my pocket and keep her there.

    I’m so glad you went to BlogHer, even if I barely saw you.

  34. Krista neher

    LOL – love the Overheards at the end.

  35. Anonymous

    now I stay in touch!

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